The New Blog

This is the joint blog for the baron, baroness, seneschal and hierophant of the barony of Politarchopolis. It will be updated approximately when one of the above has something to say. You’re welcome to comment here, possibly subject to spam prevention methods if required.

This is Baron Karl Faustus von Aachen. I’m the hierophant at the moment, but as soon as I’ve put the last few finishing touches on this site, I’ll be stepping down in favour of my hard-working deputy, Lord Andreas Reinhardt. So this is my first and last blog post here.

I built this site almost entirely over one weekend, using WordPress, a content management system built around a core of blogging software, after spending entirely too many months trying and failing to build it using other, more complicated underpinnings. Oddly enough, I hadn’t planned to use the blogging side of things at all, but a chat with our seneschal Baron Bart is all it took to inspire me, and now look! Thus, we have a nice simple blog that our seneschal, baron and baroness can use to keep you informed about life in the barony, and our new hierophant can use to tell you about important news of the website.

Please have a wander around the site and let the new hierophant know if you find anything missing, broken or even mildly disappointing. He’s an energetic lad, and I think he’ll get on top of this in no time at all. And in the event that he has an attack of life, other officers also have access to fix things, so I expect it won’t ever get as stale and out-of-date as some sites you find (my previous version of this one, for example!).

So, as I have said many times before, I say one last time in reference to this site: Share And Enjoy!

Yours in Service,

Karl Faustus von Aachen, aka Bat