October 2010


I thought I would include this information so it can be easier to find,

Due to two factors increased hall hire and increased use costs of the Haig park hall are going up, hence the introduction of patronage, give as little or as much as you can the amounts listed are more of a benchmark rather then a requirement.

The first level is a Benefactor, with a donation of $40. Benefactors will receive a certificate.
The higher level of patronage is a Partisan, with a donation of $100.

To register any payment for Patronage email ysambart@gmail.com to ensure you are noted.
Patronage should be paid for by cheque or cash to
SCA Politarchopolis
PO Box 6876
Charnwood ACT 2615

receipted cash payment to the Reeve. Any queries or requests for clarification should be addressed to ysambart@gmail.com

By William de Wyke | Baron and Baroness, Hierophant, Seneschal | Link

New Baron and Baroness

We have a new Baron and Baroness Aonghus and Ginevra! Well we almost have a new B&B, The Baronial change over details can be found here if you haven’t yet booked for the feast unfortunately the hall is at capacity, you could try your luck and contact the autocrat and volunteer to help on the night.

There are a couple of vacant positions available within the Barony these being, List Keeper, A&S officer and Deputy constable, if you are interested in these roles please contact the seneschal

Also, Her Excellency, Baroness Mistress Isobel has been pestering asking if I could change the masthead image, I think it looks pretty spiffy but she may have some grounds for it to be changed to the new B&B what are peoples thoughts? Should Isobel stay as the masthead or be replaced?

By William de Wyke | Hierophant | Link