Politarchopolis Equestrian Gathering

When: 5 February 2011 at 9am (before war training)
Where: Ciel Rocheux, Wamboin (Alesia & Kitan’s Place) – call or email for the address

Do you like horses? Have you got horses and want to try something fun and slightly different? Have you ever imagined yourself astride a destrier facing up to a skill at arms course?

At this training we’ll be doing some riding and some mounted games. You don’t need to have your own horse and are welcome to come along no matter what your skill level is, but please be aware that this wont be a ‘how to ride’ session and you may or may not be able to ride on the day. If you do have your own horse there is room to park floats and some stables and paddocks available too. There is plenty for those on the ground to do too, so if you don’t want to ride or can’t on the day, still come along.

This will happen before the baronial war training and there will be a BBQ lunch between.

For more information please contact Alesia at polit.equestrian@gmail.com. If you are on Facebook, find the group Politarchopolis Equestrian which will have the information on it too.