February 2011

St Valentine Feast Thank you

Thank you to the steward, Adam the Renegade and his team including Lady Zanobia Adimari and Lord William de Perham.

Thanks to the marshalls and heralds, and a big thank you also to those who helped set up and pack down the event.

Congratulations to Lord Kitane Von Falconburg for his award of the Burly Griffin for martial arts.

Congratulations also to the newest officer of the Barony, our herald Lord Alexander a la Fontayne

Don Allessandro di Firenze won the Fencing tourney whilst Lord Jonathon of Lochswan won the Heavy tournament.

Special mention was had to Lady Mathilde Hastings for a very creative mask whilst thanks were given to Felicia of St Aldhelms for bringing ten new guests to the event.


Ginevra and Aonghus
Baroness and Baron

By William de Wyke | Baron and Baroness | Link

Baronial War Practice : 19/3/11


Next War Practice will be as follows:

Where: Kitane and Alesia’s house, same as last time. Ring 0420203331
for location/if you get lost

When: 1.30pm-4.30 pm 19th of March 2011

What: Continuation of War Training

3rd time is a tradition! War practice keeps getting bigger and better
with about 16 heavies and 6 lights
showing up at the last war training plus others including marshalls
and chirgeons. Again, there will be
loaner gear.

It was announced at the Feast of St Valentine that Politarchopolis and
Rowany are at War.
As such we will be meeting on the field of battle at Rowany Festival.
The Missive that was read out is below.
Come and join us at war training and then come and join us on the
field of battle at Rowany festival to protect
and uphold the fair and beautiful lands of Politarchopolis.

After this next war training , pending clashes we are looking at a
last War training before festival on the 9th of April which will
literally be two weeks before festival.

Aonghus and Ginevra
Baron & Baroness of Politarchopolis

The Barony of Politarchopolis has recently suffered attacks from
across it’s borders by vicous ” bandits” intent on plundering our Fair
In response to these savage attacks we have started to train our local
forces to deal with unwanted incursions.

Our need and preparations to defend ourselves, and our good populace,
has been taken as aggression and expansionism by the warlike Barony
of Rowany. A slighting message was sent to us via missives demanding,
nay commanding, us to stand our forces down. To concede to this
ungracious command would leave our
populace open to the predations of these foul and villanous “bandits”

As Baron and Baroness of Politarchopolis, we swore fealty to the crown
to defend the people and lands of Politarchopolis and see to their

We cannot, in good conscience, stand our forces down. If this draws
the wrath of the warmongering Rowanites, then so be it.

We since recieved a missive from Rowany declaring War.

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Notices for February

A couple of notices:

– Thank you to Alesia and Kitane for generously letting us do War
Training and Equestrian on their lands and providing lunch and a
lovely dinner also.

– Thank you also to Descartes for providing all fighters with much needed water.

– War training went fantastically we had about 16 heavies and 6 lights
show up plus a number of other people including marshalls and

– Equestrian also did well with 6 interested coming and training.
Floats look like they are being organised which will no doubt generate
more training and fun!

-Photos are up on facebook on the various Politarchopolis groups for
those interested.

– Baronial Sunday was a bit quiet this weekend but there was still
enough money made to sustain the hall, so the next Baronial Sunday Pot
luck meet looks like a go ahead. 🙂

– St Valentines is on this coming weekend (12/2/11) with a Rose
tourney at 10.30 , fencing tourney at 12.30 and a mask making workshop
at 2. Feast and ball starts at 6. Don’t forget to book with Adam the

– Festival Meeting: There will be a festival meeting at our house on
Friday the 18th of February at 6.30. All things festival will be
discussed, campsite details, what we are hiring, food fund details,
what we plan on doing. If you cannot be there and still wish to camp
with Politarchopolis, let us know suggestions, ideas, how many of you
are camping with us etc so you aren’t left out. Ring or email
privately for the address. We will be having a BBQ so bring some meat
or veges (whichever you eat).

– More war training? Definitely .We are looking at squeezing in two
more practices before festival and will be announcing the dates for
these shortly.

Aonghus and Ginevra
Baron & Baroness of Politarchopolis

By William de Wyke | Baron and Baroness | Link