May 2011

Award List Oct 2010-

This is a temporary link to the list of awards given since October 2010 which will be officially put up on the populace role, asap.

This list also has a very brief description of why these awards were given. If you have any recomendations for other people doing wonderful things in the Barony please send them through.

This list and the descriptions are not finished yet, but will be as soon as possible.


Burley Griffen for Service

Mathilde Hastings: Nov 2010 Always there for pack up and set down of events, always volenteering her time to help make events work and always being a wealth of support for those in the Barony.

Sui Zo: Nov 2010 Always providing entertainment to the populace. Dedicating much of his time, money and being to a most brilliant Quest held at the Heavy Baronial Championship.

Stephan Aldred: Nov 2010 Countless times he has made magnificent things for the enjoyment and benefit of the Barony. He also held fighter training practice and gave much of his time to helping old and newcomers alike.

Adelle La Verrier : Nov 2010
Helouys Le Poer: Apr 2011
Sigmund Spellman: Apr 2011
Ysambart Courtain: May 2011

Burley Griffen for Martial Arts

Kitane Von Falkenburg: Feb 2011 Kitane not only had exemplary skill at arms but also great courtesy and great enthusiasm by teaching others of the Barony.

Griffin’s Wing

Cote and Cutler: May 2011 For the gifting of beutiful works of art to the Barony. Six gorgeous City watch badges were created of Bronze

By William de Wyke | Baron and Baroness | Link

Politarchopolis Baronial Household as of May 2011

Heavy Champion: Lord Niall of the Orkneys
Fencing Champion: Lord Rauf Le Brewere
Captain of Archers: Lord Orric of Abeldune

Sergeant Guard: Lord Douglas of the Coast
Guard: Lord Valentine de Speiler
Guard: Lord Sigmund Spelmann
Guard: Issarn E Tankard

Chamberlain: Dame Joan

Head Lady in waiting: Lady Ceara inghean Ui Sionnach
Lady in waiting: Ysmae McLorkan

Baronial Baby: Xanthe Rose

By William de Wyke | Baron and Baroness | Link