August 2011

War Training 13/8

War training is usually the second saturday of the month, as such the
next one is coming up on the 13th of August! A good practice before
Cold War! Or a wind- down from Radburne War!

The following are the dates of future WTs (subject to change,
confirmed details closer to time)and the locations will be added

The one coming up next week ( 13/8 ) will be held at Wamboin, email
for address if you don’t already have it.

As a reminder war training is where you can practice heavy fighting,
combat archery, banner bearing, get authrorised, be social and have

Next dates:

10th September

8th October

12th November

Aonghus and Ginevra
Baron and Baroness of Politarchopolis


By William de Wyke | Baron and Baroness | Link

SCA demo at the Medieval show 2011

Greetings all,

When: Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th October
Location: Hall

We would like to do a big, fancy demo this year so please come and
help out if you can! At this point we are organizing and taking ideas
so please let us know if you can help out, one day, both days and in
what capacity. If you can bring things to put on display, even better!

We will need

Dancers/ Singers
A&S persons
Anyone who is willing to come along, help out, talk to people and wear nice garb
People who can print out flyers and hand them out

Other useful things to start thinking about

– pavilions
– erics
– tables and table coverings

Would be worth considering a pot luck picnic lunch for all

Maybe we could

– have a sca clothing parade
– do some theatre…perhaps the stocks could be used
– have games available
– sell some medieval food
– run a play
– organize some children’s activities
– do some equestrian
– Fencing, Archery or Heavy Tourneys

Any volunteers to organise these aspect of the demo? And other ideas?

Suggestions are more than welcome, so please do!

If you do want to volunteer, suggest anything etc, reply to this email!

Thanks in advance,

Aonghus and Ginevra
Baron and Baroness of Politarchopolis

By William de Wyke | Baron and Baroness | Link

Politarchopolis Baronial Household as of August 2011

Heavy Champion: Lord Niall of the Orkneys

Fencing Champion: Lord Rauf Le Brewere

Archery Champion: Myfanwy of Ambledune

Captain of Archers: Lord Ulric of Ambledune



Sergeant Guard: Lord Douglas of the Coast

Guard: Lord Valentine de Speiler

Guard: Padriac Mc Lorkan

Guard: Issarn e Tankard


Chamberlain: Dame Joan



Head Lady in waiting: Lady Ceara inghean Ui Sionnach

Lady in waiting: Ysemae McLorkan

Lady in waiting: Lady Cianna de Luca

Herald: Alexander a la Fontaine


Baronial Baby: Xanthe Rose


By William de Wyke | Baron and Baroness, Uncategorized | Link

Baronial Sunday (7th of August)

Greetings all,

Baronial Sunday is coming up this weekend ( Sunday the 7th) and we'd
like to remind you all to join in on a day of garbed SCA fun!

As per usual we have:

- 10 am Archery IKAC competition

- 5.30-6 pm Pot luck dinner

Not so usual

- 3 pm Heavy tournament
Depending on numbers, an Atlantian speed tourney or a double kill,
single elim tournament.

- 4 pm Fencing tournament

Aonghus and Ginevra
Baron & Baroness of Politarchopolis


By William de Wyke | Baron and Baroness, Uncategorized | Link

St Vitas Dance and Music Weekend

St Vitas Dance and Music Weekend
Politarchopolis 20-21 August 2011
All Saints Church Hall, Ainslie, Canberra ACT
A weekend of classes on diverse aspects of
Medieval and Renaissance Dancing and Music.
Fully catered, including morning and afternoon teas, lunches and a feast
and ball from 6pm Saturday night.
Classes run from 10am to 5pm
Saturday, 10am to 3pm Sunday.
Fees | Member | Non-member | Child
Full Event | 45 | 47 | 22
All Saturday | 35 | 37 | 17
Saturday Night | 25 | 27 | 12
Daytime only | 14 | 16 | 7
For bookings and to enquire about running a class, please contact the
steward Master Crispin Sexi, OL.


By William de Wyke | Baron and Baroness | Link