Politarchopolis Festival meeting #1

Greetings again,
Politarchopolis Festival meeting #1 will be held at our place on Friday 10/2/12 at 7pm. It is welcome to all those who plan to camp with us. Byo meat for the bbq. Please let me know if you are coming so we know how many to expect 🙂 Or if you can’t make it please let me know if you are camping and have booked.
We will discuss
-campsite plans,

-food fund plans,

-the Baronial Night In

-for Newcomers we will discuss what Festival is and what you may need etc etc-and anything else we may need to

Another finalising meeting will be held before Festival.

Ginevra and Aonghus

Baroness and Baron of Politarchopolis

By William de Wyke | Baron and Baroness | Link