The Search for Heirs

Greetings to the populace,


To ensure candidates are able to provide excellent applications and to give others a chance who have been considering the role, we will be extending the deadlines for the baronial selection process.


As such the nomination deadline will extend to the 31st of August. Please send applications to and Once the list of candidates is finalised and the Crown have confirmed that the nominees are acceptable to them, we will publish it ASAP via email and on the website along with each couple’s/candidate’s ‘letter of intent’. Their Majesties will provide the Barony with a list of the nominees after the 31st of August which will enable us to have a Meet the Candidates session, Wednesday the 11th of September 2013 at 7pm at the Ainslie Hall.


For those unable to attend, a video will be available on request from the Meet the Candidates Session. The seneschal will be providing more details about this process and the questions posed to candidates shortly.


The poll will then run for the last two weeks of September (Sunday 15th –Sunday 29th). Their Majesties will then have a few days to consider the responses and make Their decision in time to announce it at Spring War and Great Southern Gathering.


We would like to remind people that Letters of Intent need to include a description of themselves as well as their history in the SCA and their plans if they are selected, and noting that nominees don’t need to be resident within the barony if they can show that they can fulfil the duties of the office and can demonstrate a history of active participation in the group.


Once the Crown have made Their decision, They will inform the candidates before announcing that decision at Spring War and Great Southern Gathering. We will then to publish that decision on the website and the mailing list.


Quick Glance Calender:


31st of August: Nominations due

2nd/3rdof September: Candidates announced

11th of September: Meet the Candidates

15th-29th of September: Polling Period

Spring War/GSG: Announce



Aonghus and Ginevra

Baron and Baroness of Politarchopolis