Project: Need More Banners

Good morning!

I was having a discussion with His Excellency Master Crispin about the 10 meters of silk that I bought and put aside for the barony this year. The time has come for us to build up not only a mighty war band but to ensure that our fighters and campsite are gloriously decked in red and white silk banners.

To do this is going to require a few populace who are capable of designing the banners, a few people capable of making the wood frames, a lot of people willing to paint and hem the banners and a few people capable of making protective bags that they can be stored in.

Lastly, I’ve heard that an army is gathering in Borderscross for an assault that they plan on carrying out in Feb. It would be fitting to have our warriors and campsite banners at least partially ready by then.

If you would like to get involved, ping me and I will start up a discussion group. This should be a really fun project and should add a lot of bling to various occasions. Even if you don’t have any silk painting skill, ping me anyhow because we are happy to teach the enthusiastic. I would also like to break this into small bite sized projects so as not to overwhelm any one person 🙂

In service,

Lady Sophia van Dorne