Announcing: The Great Arts and Sciences Surprise Round Robin, 2014

Hello all!

I’m sure everyone in the Barony has been eagerly awaiting the announcement of a new A&S competition!

Wait no longer! Behold, The Great Politarchopolis Gift Bestowal of 2014! Everyone who was involved in the Pentathlon worked insanely hard last year, so I thought we might be due for something a little lighter and less intense. This year, I will be running what is essentially a A&S Competition based around the concept of a Round Robin of gift making and giving.

The Competition:
– Registrations are open as of now to join in.
– The enter you must send me your Name (legal and SCA) and period of interest. You may also choose to send me your geographic area of interest and 3 topics of interest. As an example you could include France (Music, Hats and Books). The more information that you give, the more likely it is that you will receive something useful to you.
– On the 2nd of Feb, I will draw people randomly from a hat and you will be assigned your target.
– You will also be given a category; Fashion & Accessories, Household Items, Warfare, Food or Entertainment
– Make an item to give to your target! You will also need documentation for the competition side of things.
– Items will be judged at the August A&S Event, where the gifts will also be distributed to their receivers. There will be a winner of each category and also a voted on populace favourite.

FAQ (so far)

  • Does it need to stay secret?

No, it’s up to you whether you want to remain secret. It may be an item which you couldn’t create without talking to them. Or this may be a chance to talk to someone and get to know them better before sorting out what you want to make. It’s entirely up to you. You can be as sneaky as you want to be. Publicly sharing your journey is highly encouraged through blogs, Facebook, emails, messenger pigeon or whatever takes your fancy. If you want to be sneaky, start a new blog site anonymously and then flaunt your progress through it while your target tries to work out who you are!

  • Can I swap my target or category with someone else?

Of course! Try to do it as soon as possible to make certain everyone has a chance of getting something completed. All I ask is that to remember that sometimes challenges are awesome

  • What happens if I can’t finish it (due to life/responsibilities/crazed sloth attack)?

Please don’t fret! Life happens and that is understandable. If you could provide a small gift for your target (gift voucher, something already completed, hoard, IOU, bottle of wine etc), that would be great. If not, I will try and organise a substitute. Please just let me know ASAP so that I can work out a solution and make certain everyone gets something shiny.

  • What does this cost?

Please limit the spending on your item to an upper amount of $50. Trades, up cycling and creative thinking are highly encouraged for your materials. This is about creating something awesome for another lovely person, so the idea is to put in as much effort as you would like someone to put into you. Items which also carry a story as to how they were completed are an added bonus for the recipient. As an example ‘The fabric came from my stash which I bought in Germany, and the buttons were a gift to me from the Queen…’

  • I don’t live in Politarchopolis

No problem! I’m not really limiting it to just Canberra as there are plenty of Polit people living in all sorts of interesting places. However, I would ask that everyone who is involved to have at least some connection to our fair barony. Also, please be mindful of how you will get your gift to Fields of Gold and how the giver can get their gift to you. There are plenty of options on how to do this, but just consider this before entering.

  • How will this be judged?

There will be five judges, a specialist for each category. Judging will use the standard matrix. There will also be a populace choice winner, which will be voted on at the August A&S event.

  • When will I know the results?

As soon as the judges finish judging

  • What if I can’t be there at the hall for the Draw?

That’s okay, at the end I will draw the rest of the people and send through the results via what every form of communication you find the easiest.

– What if I can’t make it to the August A&S event?
That’s okay, but you will need to get your gift delivered there for the judges. If you start to get worried, let me know and we will work out a plan together on how to get it there.

  • My target wasn’t at the August A&S event, how do I get their gift to them?

That’s okay! Contact the target and try and nut out a plan on how to get it there. Teamwork is the name of the game!

  • My target lives in America and I’m going to carve a 4 poster bed!

Please think about the realism on how you might get peoples items to them. If you find yourself thinking ‘Wow! I have no idea how to get this there’, it may be a project that is a little too big for a distance thing.

  • My gift never arrived!

Well that’s not very nice, in fact I think we could even use the word Grinch. The gift giver should have spoken to me before it got to this point, but I will be doing a tally and call around at the end to make sure everything goes alright. If, failing that, there is a gift missing I can’t guarantee that I will find a replacement person but I will try my best!

  • My target dropped out!

Bollocks! This could mean two things. I could be contacting you to see if you would consider doing something to cover someone else or it could happen right at the end. If it’s to cover someone else, it’s okay to say no and continue what you are working on but it would be awesome if you could help. It’s up to you. In all cases, you can either give the person the gift anyhow, give it someone else, keep it, sell it, donate it, auction it, throw it, it’s entirely up to you.

– What do the winners receive?
The satisfaction of knowing that they made something awesome, made another person smile and a shiny gift from someone else

Any questions? Please send them through! If you can see any concerning problems with this, please give me a yell