Rowany Festival

Here you will find some information and resources about Rowany Festival, the SCA’s largest event.  In particular, this page deals with the Politarchopolis baronial campsite.

Going to Festival?

Easter is only Two Weeks Away!

You may want to consider:

 If you’d like to stay in the Politarchopolis campsite (Polit Central), make sure to tell Anushka, who is co-ordinating it. There’s a Facebook group for it: “2014 Politarchopolis Festival Campsite”. And when booking for Festival, make sure to put Politarchopolis as the group you are camping with, so that the campsite is big enough to fit everyone.

The Politarchopolis campsite is not planning a food fund, so you may wish to book with the Greesispoone kitchen being run by our very own Mistress Monique. See for further details.

If you are a heavy fighter who first fought in Politarchopolis, then you are eligible to join the Politarchopolis team for the “Group of Origin” tournament that is being organised for Monday afternoon at Festival by Count Niall. Talk to Countess Liadan, who is organising our team.

The war this Festival is between Politarchopolis and Rowany: we need your help! Heavy combattants, combat archers, water bearers, banner bearers and generally anyone keen to see our Barony victorious are welcome to join the war effort, either at the procession in opening court on Thursday night (and the party afterwards), on the battlefield or helping make banners and other items in the lead up. Talk to Baron Crispin if you want to get involved, either in person, or send an email to

We’re also planning a Baronial Brunch for Sunday morning at Festival, from 8:30am. Joan is cooking pancakes, so come along to Polit Central and eat, socialise and prepare for war.

For more about Festival, see the Festival Website:

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