Some Rowany Festival 2014 news for those unable to attend…

Overall, the new site seems to be a success. The weather was clement, and cold enough to enjoy wearing proper garb. No rain, and one windy afternoon which saw a few tents in need of rescue. There will be more toilets next year, and the map will doubtless be tweaked so that everyone has the space they need.

Three knightings – our own Sir Niall among them.

His Majesty knights Count Niall

His Majesty knights Count Niall

One new laurel – Elena le Bruestere from Innilgard.

No new pelicans.

The War Procession went off very well, with an excellent show from each contingent. The Royal Seer made a dramatic appearance, in order to prevent excessive bloodshed.



We won the Olympiad. There were various games – fencing (won for us by Don Galbraith, provided by

The Baron at war

The Baron at war

Northern Reaches), archery (won for us by Sigmund Spelman), running in armour (won for us by Draco), running unarmoured (lost, but a fine run by Claire from Descartes), shotput (won by a full metre for us, by Redfox from Okewaite)), javelin (Alex MacAlpin, in fine form and beaten by only about six inches), tug-of-war (won decisively by Descartes) and discus. Apologies, I can’t remember who the discus thrower was. From Innilgard maybe?

The war scenarios pitted Greeks against Persians. We fought bravely as the Persians, but the Greeks had the victory by a narrow margin.

Rowany was declared the overall winner, and the King made peace between the warring Barons.

There was a forge on site where a number of people learned some smithing and came home with useful things they had made. There were lots of classes on all sorts of topics – what did you learn?

Greesispoone fed many people and was much appreciated.


Ceara fencing

Ceara fencing

There was a LOT of fencing. Robin of Ambledune won the Newcomer’s Tourney. Ceara was awarded the prize for her chivalry and enthusiasm in the Baronesses’ Rapier Tourney.

Our archers did well (of course). Isobel le Bretoun won the Period Division. For the first time, we undertook archery during court, and (fortunately?) both Barons missed the herald. Baron Crispin shot a pavilion, Baron Loyola shot a chair, and in the end both shot gold. Loyola’s gold was shinier than Crispin’s, and so the Royal force joined Rowany for the Olympiad and wargames. 

We had combat archers! Hopefully there will be even more next year, as there were a number of people who were not quite ready this time.

The Baron shoots for the Crown's support

The Baron shoots for the Crown’s support


Andronicus is no longer incipient, but is now a full College.


The Baronial Brunch seemed to go down well. Accipiter, Whyte Company, Burbage and Aldhelm members all helped with preparation and cooking, keeping the pancakes coming despite the breeze which kept trying to interfere. Many others came to feast and socialise. Thanks to all who joined us for the morning, and we hope to see even more of you next year.

Our college members (both Andronicus and Aldhelm) were complimented many times for their courtesy towards other members of the populace, in fetching and carrying, babysitting, minding the troll tent, heralding and more. They were also prominent in assisting us throughout the event.

Our first Festival as B&B has been rewarding as well as busy. We offer congratulations to all who had success in their endeavours, and thanks to all who helped us in ways small and large. We hope you all had at least as much fun as we did, and are already planning for next year…because Festival is only two weeks away!


Joan and Crispin.


Their Excellencies present a sugar gryphon to their Cousins, Baron and Baroness Rowany

Their Excellencies present a sugar gryphon to their Cousins, Baron and Baroness Rowany

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