Festival 2015: War and Pancakes

Greetings all,

We’ve heard news that Stormhold and Innilgard have made peace with one another, and have decided to band together with Aneala and the northern forces to do war against the Khan.

Having only recently been invaded ourselves, we shall support our new overlords. It seems unusual, but for once we will be teaming up with Rowany and Mordenvale to defend the Khan’s holdings.

On Thursday at Festival after opening court we call upon combatants and supporters to join us in the war procession as the sides are officially announced. We shall be bringing tabards and banners for the procession. We’ll also have some Polit warshields for those that wish to borrow them on the warfield.

There are three half-days of war this Festival (Friday, Sunday and Monday). Please let Crispin know if you will be fighting with Politarchopolis so that he can tally up the heavies and archers.

On a more peaceful and delicious note, make sure to come along to Polit Central campsite for Sunday breakfast pancakes!

See you there!

Baron Crispin and Baroness Joan