People of Politarchopolis

People of Politarchopolis.

Below will be a series of interviews with the populace of Politarchopolis.

These will allow you to meet and find out more about the various members within our Barony.

If you would like to send me yours for inclusion, email me at with the following information and a photo:

1) What is your SCA name and title?2) What is your heraldry and what does it mean to you?

3) How long have you been playing?

4) What inspires you in the SCA?

5) What is your favourite thing to do in the SCA?

6) What’s the best dish you have tasted?

7) What is the largest or scariest project you have undertaken?

8)What would you like to see more of in the SCA?

9) Share with us a funny or favourite SCA story…

10) What advice do you have for newcomers?




Our First Introduction,

Baroness Joan Sutton