Baron and Baroness Stepping aside

Unto the Peers and Populace of Politarchopolis

From Crispin and Joan, Baron and Baroness, unto the Peers and Populace of Politarchopolis, greetings.

As announced at today’s feast, the time has come for us to retire from public life and tend to our personal estates, making way for new leaders in the Barony.

We have thoroughly enjoyed being your Baron and Baroness in recent years, and heartily thank each one of you for your support and service during our tenure.

The Crown has agreed that we may step aside at Fields of Gold in early December. Over the next few weeks, we ask you all to look into your hearts, and consider whether you may be suited to watch over our Barony and its Cantons, its lands and people for the future. We will of course be happy to talk to any who wishes to discuss the matter with us.

From now until the 25th day of August people may nominate themselves for the Crown’s consideration. All nominees must provide a letter of intent to the Crown describing themselves and giving a brief history of their time in the Society, and their plans should they be selected to take office as Baron and Baroness. Once nominees have been accepted, there will be another period in which the populace should send their opinions on all candidates to the Returning Officer appointed by the Crown. At the close of that time, the Crown will make Their decision.

We are certain that our successors, whoever they may be, will continue to hold the Barony in her current stability and strength. We are sad to leave our roles, but look forward with joy to celebrating new directions for Politarchopolis.

Crispin and Joan