Candidates Baron Andreas Reinhardt and Lady Helayne Quynteyn

To the Great Khagan and Yeke Khatun, most noble Crown of Lochac, and to the Baron and Baroness of Politarchopolis Crispin and Joan with heavy heart and immense respect do Baron Andreas and Lady Helayne present this letter to be considered as the future Baron and Baroness of Politarchopolis.

In considering whether we were a good fit for the role, we discussed it with a number of previous and current B&Bs who encouraged us to nominate which we found encouraging.

Our involvement in the barony to date shows that Politarchopolis is a populated area with a deep talent pool in its citizens. As B&B, we would be looking to involve ourselves in the reaches of our barony to ensure that they feel part of the central barony of Politarchopolis, building on the strength and stability fostered through Joan and Crispin’s term as B&B.

We would use our participation and personality to engage in court theatre locally and across Lochac, to encourage enjoyment in the game of the SCA, to make sure people are having fun and continue to participate, and in turn grow the Barony.

Another focus would be to work to increase participation and ownership of the Baronial armoured combat fighting force. There are a number of strong fighters in the barony, but a strong household culture means that the Baronial force is secondary. Our dream is to increase our presence on the warfield and show that Politarchopolis is not only talented in its arts and sciences and service, but also it’s martial activities.

Personal interests aside, we recognise the skills, talents and interests of our barony and the greater SCA are broad. We aim to encourage and support a wide variety of events with our attendance.


Master Baron Andreas

Playing for 18 years. Interested in heavy fighting and service. Recent Pelican of Lochac. Almost retired Kingdom webwright. Travelled extensively in Lochac and abroad. Participates in multiple events locally. Began the regular Politarchopolis intermediate fighter practice.


Lady Helayne Quynteyn

Playing for six years. Current seneschal of Politarchopolis (term ending very soon!) Apprenticed to Mistress Spyder and protégée of Mistress Isobel Le Breton. I have enjoyed being seneschal but am looking forward to doing more in-game activities, including returning to archery, more costuming, and travelling to more events throughout Lochac, although I have been to Pennsic and Raglan Fair.


In service to the Kingdom and the dream
Andreas and Helayne