Candidates Lord Gaspar Falch de Cantoria and Viscountess Muirghein ni Ghrainne

Unto our most gracious Khagan and Yeke Khatun Kinggiyadai and Altani Khaligu and our beloved Baron and Baroness Crispin and Joan.

Do we Viscountess Muirghein Ni Ghrainne, OP, OL, and Lord Gaspar Falch de Cantoria send honours and greetings.

All things in time change and as their Excellency’s Joan and Crispin feel it is time for them to focus more on their personal lands, having served this grand Barony for many years, it is our wish to be considered as successors for Baroness and Baron of Politarchopolis and to that end we provide this our letter of intent.

It is with this intent in mind we would provide some background to our engagement within Politarchopolis and the SCA.

I, Lord Gaspar, have been a member of the Society for nearly three years. Based in Politarchopolis I have focused mainly on learning and teaching the art of rapier in the Guild of Defence. I have been fortunate to have been taught by various esteemed Guildmasters and Masters of Defence and have attained the level of Journeyman in the Guild. In an effort to further my skills and encourage others of our Society in the art, I have been travelling to other groups to run rapier training and forge friendships. I enjoy the interaction and engagement of events and the broader knowledge of the Society this is giving me. I have assisted in a number of ways at various events with setup and pack down as well as volunteering for duties at Festival and Fields of Gold. While rapier has been my main focus I have dabbled in other fields, such as clothing and brewing, and enjoy the many and varied conversations with others and learning of their passions.

I, Viscountess Muirghein have been a member of the Society for 25 plus years and been involved in the myriad varied activities, primarily focused on armoured combat and early forms of rapier combat, clothing, embroidery and the arts of writing. The friendships and personal growth provided by my experiences and learning have maintained my enjoyment and engagement with the re-enactment of the middle ages within the Society. I began my journey in the Barony of Aneala and for the last ten years have resided within the borders of Politarchopolis, learning new ways and building new relationships and founding a new home. I have a sound knowledge of the administration that sits behind the activities and events that we hold, as well as a love of the splendour and pageantry that epitomises the ideal of the middle ages. My engagement in the Society and all its aspects are highlighted by my invitation to two peerage orders within Lochac.


We would enjoy the opportunity to engage with the people in many ways. Being able to balance the knowledge and experience with the enthusiasm and new ideas we each bring, giving the group the benefit of both outlooks.

We believe the good work and active engagement with our Cantons needs to be continued and will personally engage to progress this, as well as encouraging others to participate in more events and actively encourage both new and established members of the populous to follow their dreams.

Politarchopolis is not an island and strong ties with our neighbours, near and far are essential to the growth and health of the people, the Barony and the Kingdom as a whole. To this end we will annex    continue the good work of the outgoing Baron and Baroness to strengthen relationships with our nearest neighbours to ensure they are supported in the best way possible.

Inclusion and equity are highly held values by the people of Politarchopolis. It is our intent to lead by example and to encourage the development of ways to make access to our game safe, open and available to all and to create an atmosphere at all events and activities that is open and welcoming.

Our fair Barony is the residence of many practiced, learned and developing artisans, combatants and those who carry the burden of our administration. It is our desire to increase the awareness of the many and diverse skills within the Barony and those who hold these. Additionally, to encourage the sharing and teaching of these skills for the greater glory of Politarchopolis and Lochac, we intend to re-commence monthly Baronial potluck events to encourage participation and connection between all the activities, groups and households, and to gently encourage the quiet worker as well as the outgoing jester.

As representatives of the Crown in their absence we believe pomp and pageantry adds strongly to the experience of the people. We would like to see an increase in the ceremonial aspects and visual splendour associated with the Court to enhance the atmosphere for everyone; To bring into reality a vision of the dream. This enhanced scene will provide a stage to recognize individual contributions and excellence that support the wider vision and dream. To ensure that we capture the smaller things that build a greater game we plan to review the Baronial awards and identify other ways that can recognize these positive influences.

While neither of us fight in armoured combat we have considered the best way for the Barony to extend      defend its borders and stand with the Crown in time of war. To this end we will appoint Baronial Generals to work with our Champions to represent the Barony and lead armoured combat, rapier combat and archery warbands into battle. These Generals will be appointed based on opportunity and need.

We welcome questions from the people, the Coronet and the Crown in relation to our intentions to be considered for Baroness and Baron of Politarchopolis.


By our hands this 18th day of August AS LIII
In Service Always,

Gaspar                                           Muirghein