Candidates Master Giles Leabrook and Mistress Anne de Tournai

Unto Their Royal Majesties Kingyaddai and Altani, and their Excellencies, Joan and Crispin do we, Master Giles Leabrook and Mistress Anne de Tournai send our warmest and most humble greetings.

This letter shall serve as our honest intention to put ourselves forward for consideration as candidates for the next term of service for Baron and Baroness of one of the jewels in the Crown of Lochac, the Barony of Politarchopolis. We feel we can best serve our Kingdom and our Barony by offering ourselves for this position of territorial Baron and Baroness.

As longstanding members of the Kingdom, we bring the experience of having lived in multiple groups of varying sizes and ages, which has shown the many different ways that people play and that our Kingdom is enriched by this diversity. We have served in many offices at the Kingdom, Baronial and Shire levels having held almost every officer role between us during our time in Lochac. We have learnt from every office we have held and the relationships we have built in the Barony and across the Kingdom reflect this. We have both been humbled that the Crown has recognised our service to the Kingdom by making us both members of the Order of the Pelican and feel this is an opportunity once more to serve.

We have a strong understanding of the role and responsibilities of this role. Giles had the honour of serving as Baron of St Florian del la Riviere previously and Anne is a former seneschal of the Barony. We are active members of the Barony. Anne is coming to the end of her term as Kingdom Chatelaine and you are very likely to find her in most Politarchopolis kitchens, chatting about mustard or running events such as the most recent two Fields of Gold. You might find Giles on the rapier field either as teacher or combatant, knitting while expounding on the joy of 16th century piracy or consulting on the best way for someone to represent themselves heraldically in his current role as Baronial Herald. We would look to support our officers in the running of the Barony, understanding the ceremonial role of the Baron and Baroness as encouraging and rewarding those in the Barony, building and enhancing community while supporting the administrative arm.

This Barony has been extremely lucky to have a long history of excellent Barons and Baronesses who have served the people and the land well. We have a well thought out and organized structure for recognizing and awarding the folk of the Barony. Our artisans and combatants continue to be recognised as some of the strongest in Lochac. Our goals would be to simply build on the strong foundations that already exist.

On a personal note, our deep friendship has been sustained for more than 20 years, having been protégées together. This has created a depth of trust, allowing for honest conversation, mutual support, shared goals and occasional shenanigans. We also bring a unique perspective, Anne has lived in Torlyon and currently lives in Politarchopolis central and Giles currently resides in Okewaite so as a couple we bring experience and understanding of the challenges, and more importantly, the opportunities of the Barony as a whole. Politarchopolis has always held a strong place in our hearts and it would be our absolute honour and joy to represent it at its practices, its meetings, its events and throughout the Kingdom and Known World.

As representatives of the Crown, we understand the our role demands we are open to our populace; listening to them, their thoughts, their feelings, and relaying those opinions to the Crown as well as communicating the wishes of the Crown to our Populace. Even without the Coronets of Politarchopolis upon our heads, we will always be the Crown’s own, in service to its people. Politarchopolis is Home.

In Service

Baron Master Giles Leabrook, Herald Extraordinary       Baroness Mistress Anne de Tournai