food prepSo you heard about the SCA from a friend, or you saw us at a demo or during one of our activities, and you’d like to dip your toe in and see if it suits you?

Excellent! That’s exactly how we all started (except for any of us who were born into it) so it’s a very fine way to start indeed.

Here’s what you need to know!

About the SCA

  • What is the SCA? (coming soon)
    • A brief introduction to what the SCA is, how we started, and what we expect of our members.
  • Who’s who in the SCA? (coming soon)
    • In the mean time visit the Contacts page.
  • Regular Activities:
    • Weekly meetings, arts and sciences, archery, fencing & heavy fighting practice 

So I want to join in… what now?

Then you can…

Who are you in the SCA, and what do you have to do to get involved?

  • Who are you in the SCA? (SCA Name and Personas – Your interest in a specific Period, Culture, and Country)
  • What is your device/blazon? Design the emblem that represents you and your possessions. Your banners may be flagging in the wind at an event soon.
  • Historical Clothing (Garb): What you wear to an event. (We wear ordinary clothes to weekly meetings).
    Don’t worry.. you can borrow clothes from the Hospitaller, to get you started.
  • Tourneys, Feasts and Events: What you need to bring, what happens there, why they are fun!
  • How will you defend the Barony? Choose a martial art to develop and practice in Archery, Heavy combat, Rapier, diplomacy and/or in combination, such as combat archery.

You can visit The SCA Newcomer’s resource page for more information.
This page is aimed at helping newcomers to the Society for Creative Anachronism get started.