About the Barony

politbannerThe Barony of Politarchopolis is a medieval and renaissance re-enactment group based in the ACT and the surrounding region.

We are a branch of the Society for Creative Anacronism (SCA), an international re-enactment group dedicated to studying and recreating the best bits of pre-seventeenth century history.

Dressed in our best medieval garb, we participate in a wide range of activites and events, including fighting, dancing, sewing, heraldry, cooking, fencing, embroidery and archery. We also hold regular training, feasts and tournaments.

The Barony of Politarchopolis (or Polit for short) is one of the many Baronies which make up Kingdom of Lochac (Australia and New Zealand). As well as covering the ACT region, the Barony also consists of two Cantons, which are regional sub-groups, and two colleges, which are based on Universities.

The Canton of Okewaite encompases the Southern Highlands from Mittagong to Goulburn and the Canton of Torlyon is based in the Yass area. The College of St Andronicus is an active college based on the University of Canberra and the College of St Aldhelm is based on the ANU and is currently inactive.

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