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Important Dates

So important dates for the following weeks:

7.15 pm 聽Wednesday 25/1/2012 Baronial Council Meeting at ANU

7.00-8.00 pm Thursday 2/2/2012 Meeting at Queanbeyan Spotlight for
fabric discussion and purchasing

1.30-4.30 pm 聽Saturday 4/2/2012 Baronial War Training at Wamboin

10 am-830 pm Sunday 5/2/2012 Baronial Sunday

7.00-9.00 pm Wednesday 8/2/2012 Sash and Garb Making at ANU

7.00-8.30 pm Friday 10/2/2012 Festival Campsite Meeting at B&B’s house.

Aonghus and Ginevra
Baron and Baroness of Politarchopolis

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Politarchopolis Festival meeting #1

Greetings again,
Politarchopolis Festival meeting #1 will be held at our place on Friday 10/2/12 at 7pm. It is welcome to all those who plan to camp with us. Byo meat for the bbq. Please let me know if you are coming so we know how many to expect 馃檪 Or if you can’t make it please let me know if you are camping and have booked.
We will discuss
-campsite plans,

-food fund plans,

-the Baronial Night In

-for Newcomers we will discuss what Festival is and what you may need etc etc-and anything else we may need to

Another finalising meeting will be held before Festival.

Ginevra and Aonghus

Baroness and Baron of Politarchopolis

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Newcomer’s Garb Workshop and Sash Making for the Baronial War Unit

Greetings all,

On Wednesday 8/2/2012 at Baronial Fighter and Arts and Sciences night
at the ANU at 7 pm to 9pm we will be running a newcomers garb
workshop. We will also be sewing up Baronial Sashes for our War Unit.

The workshop will be useful for those who want new/more/their own garb
for events such as Border War, Feast of Venus and Festival. We will be
making Cotehardies, Sideless surcoats and Tunics.

Any volunteers who can help pattern up newcomers, sew up sashes, print
the sashes, help with sewing instructions etc would be very welcome.
Sewing machines, pins, scissors and other sewing paraphernalia being
lent would be fantastic also. Please send me an email to let me know.

For the newcomers, and anyone else who wants to, we will be going to
Spotlight at Queanbeyan on Thursday 2/2/2012. Car pooling will be
available and we will discuss useful materials to choose etc etc.
Again an email or phone message 聽is necessary so we know
whether to actually go or not.

In regards to fabric our lovely hospitaller Helouys would like it
pointed out that whilst too late for Border war, but in time for
Festival she can make an order of lovely fabrics at decent prices

In the meantime for this workshop you will need

About 4-5 metres of material ( drill, linen are good starters)
Sewing pins
If making the cotehardie, patterning material (an old sheet, calico)
will be needed.

Again, during the Spotlight trip we can guide you through all this 馃檪

We will be doing more garb workshops in the lead up to Festival as
well, including a work shop on accessories ( belts, shoes, pouches,

I have already received donations of red material for the sashes and
am very grateful at the generosity of this Barony. Any more donations
will also be welcome. The sashes will be a simple band of material
with a griffin gocco printed on. At this point we are making 20.

If there are any questions please send them through,

Aonghus and Ginevra

Baron and Baroness of Politarchopolis


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War Training 4/2/12

Hi all,
War training on the 4th of february 130-430 is out at the usual location ( Wamboin)
Last war training was very handy and all are welcome again. This will be the last War Training before Border War,
See you all there!
Aonghus and Ginevra

Baron and Baroness of Politarchopolis
Ps Sashes will start being made this week or next- will update when we know for sure. There are also a lot of combat archers who need arrows so we may lock in a date on a wednesday night for that as well.

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Feast of Venus

Unto the populace of Lochac do I send a missive from the most illustrious Roman Goddess of Love,聽Venus.

Be it known that Venus, the Goddess of Love herself, invites you all to a celebration of romance and chivalry in the fair gardens of the Barony of Politarchopolis.

You are welcomed to recline by the banks of our fair lake and enjoy a decadent Roman outdoor feast in the twilight.

Guests are welcome to wear their most elegant Roman fashions and be waited upon by the Barony鈥檚 most attentive servants, whilst indulging in delicacies described by Apicius and cooling themselves with icy cordials and the nectars of the Bacchus (byo).

The combatants of this land will entertain you with Gladiatorial feats of arms, striving to adorn their consorts with the golden trinkets that reward victory.

Afterwards, the entertainers of this Barony will regale you with Roman style amusements and willing guests are encouraged to contact the steward with their own contributions.

Shade, rugs and cushions will be provided upon which you may recline, however any guests who wish to bring their own are also encouraged to do so.

The goddess wishes to inform you of the victuals that she will provide:

  • Trays of light snacks and sweets (Globuli)
  • Roman Burgers
  • Green beans
  • Chicken with leek
  • Lamb
  • Chickpeas with Cumin
  • Baked dormice
  • Pork roast
  • Fried veal
  • Apricots in wine
  • Milk pancakes
  • Roman custard
  • Cheesecake


Guests are invited to arrive around聽Midday on the 18th of February.聽聽Gladiatorial inspections will begin at 12.30, and will be carried out on time to ensure that the feats of arms are concluded before the heat of the day.


Nara Peace Park,聽Lennox Gardens, on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, in the Barony of Politarchopolis.


Feasting will begin at聽5pm, please bring a pot luck lunch to share if you desire food during the entertainments.聽聽Vegetarians are catered for, please contact the steward if you have other dietary requirements.


Bookings before the 4th of February: M/NM: $25/$27

Bookings after the 4th of February or Unbooked: M/NM:$27/$30

Payment may be made at the event

Bookings: Felicia ad Aquam –聽whispatchet@gmail.com please provide your SCA and Mundane names, member number and any dietary requirements

Any enquiries may be directed to the Steward: Ailis inghean Mheadhbha 鈥jenniferfbrian@gmail.com

The most beautiful goddess thus concludes her missive, wishing that all avail themselves of her hospitality, and she looks forward to welcoming you all at this Feast of Love.

In her, and your, Service:

Ailis inghean Mheadhbha


We may also be visited by Royalty for this event so we would ask the Barony for a collection of taxes before then.

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Border War 2012

Border War is happening in February in Albury-Wodonga and we need to get our war unit into shape as the war bells may be ringing 馃槈

We will be making Baronial sashes, doing practices and working on teamwork, so show up and participate! War training dates will be posted and the next is the 14/1.

All are welcome and we are in search of heavy combatants, light combatants, Medium combatants, war banner holders, water bearers and general encouragers.

Aonghus and Ginevra

Baron and Baroness of Politarchopolis


Ps if you just want to show up for some biff or practice and don’t necessarily want to fight with us – that is ok also.

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Radford School Demo December 2011

We’d like to thank all the lovely volenteers for making it to this!

There was about 15 people and you all did a fantastic job entertaining and teaching the kids.

We raised some funds for the Barony which will in turn let us teach and equip our new members. Huzzah!



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Baronial Sunday 5/2

First Baronial Sunday of the year!

Greetings all,

Baronial Sunday is coming up and we'd like to remind you all to join in on a day of garbed SCA fun!

As per usual we have:

- 10 am Archery IKAC competition
- 3 pm Heavy tournament
- 4 pm Fencing tournament

- 5.30-6 pm Pot luck dinner

Aonghus and Ginevra Baron & Baroness of Politarchopolis

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War Training 14/1

Baronial War Practice

14th of January 930-1230


All are welcome, lifts are available

Contact Ginevra at聽politarchopolis@lochacdotnet for more details


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War Training 13/8

War training is usually the second saturday of the month, as such the
next one is coming up on the 13th of August! A good practice before
Cold War! Or a wind- down from Radburne War!

The following are the dates of future WTs (subject to change,
confirmed details closer to time)and the locations will be added

The one coming up next week ( 13/8 ) will be held at Wamboin, email
for address if you don’t already have it.

As a reminder war training is where you can practice heavy fighting,
combat archery, banner bearing, get authrorised, be social and have

Next dates:

10th September

8th October

12th November

Aonghus and Ginevra
Baron and Baroness of Politarchopolis


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