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Baronial Championship Event Recount

We would like to thank the steward ( Lady Caera Sionnach) , cook ( Dame Joan) and all others that helped create such a fantastic event especially Master Sui and Count Stephen with the entertainment and theatre.

Lady Caera has written an excellent recount of the day which will be added here shortly.

Congratulations to our new champion, Lord Niall in Orneyski under the inspiration of his wife Liadan of the Orkneys.

There were four awards given ; Count Stephen, Master Sui, Lady Mathilde Hastings and Lady Adelle le Verrier were admitted to the noble ‘Order of the Burley Griffin’ for their outstanding service to the Barony. Huzzah!!!

Aonghus and Ginevra
Baron & Baroness of Politarchopolis

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Baronial War Unit for Festival


We think it would be appropriate to start looking at festival plans in the not to distant future.

There has been talk of a food fund being arranged which is exciting.

We’d like to bring up one aspect of festival that we’d like to start organising now though, that being the Baronial War Unit.

First of all, who is interested? Send us a mail, text whatever, let us now if we can pop down your name for it.

We are looking at making patches/belt favours or shoulders with the baronial device for those interested who don’t wish to wear colours or tabards and would also be keen to have our fencers, target archers and general populace wearing them too if they so wish.

We will be having a core baronial unit for those interested and optionally if you wish to get into the spirit of things we will be looking at a landsknecht-looking unit.

We’re also interested in having a Politarchopolis Heraldic Melee team in the colours of our barony with banner bearers, water bearers etc.

All of these will have to be discussed in greater detail but if you are interested please do let us know as we’d like to set up war practice along the lines of every second Saturday/Sunday and start getting combat archery going as there is a lot of interest in that department.

Aonghus and Ginevra
Baron & Baroness of Politarchopolis

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November Greetings

Greetings unto the populace of Politarchopolis,

This month and the previous have been very busy for our wonderful barony. Our Baronial investiture/divestiture event was a success.

We look forward to the next baronial Sunday and to the Baronial Heavy Championships of Politarchopolis event on the 13th of November.

Arts and Sciences meetings have been going well with many interesting projects going on as well as a lovely shop visit from Her Excellency, Contarina Casagrande. Fighter practices are picking up again as the weather gets warmer and Sunday archery is enjoying a lovely atmosphere of 15-20 persons regularly.

Catherine of Glastonbury will be stepping down as baronial herald and applications need to be in by the 7th of December.

Yours in service,

Aonghus and Ginevra
Baron & Baroness of Politarchopolis

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Call for Recommendations


We are currently seeking recommendations for members of the populace for Baronial level awards. If you know of someone who contributes to the Barony in some significant way please email us with their name and their deeds so that they may be considered for reward.

In light of the Royal visit for Twelfth Night in January 2011 we would also ask that the populace consider those who may be deserving of a Kingdom level award. Kingdom awards are aimed at rewarding those who significantly enrich the Kingdom in some way and the full list of Lochac awards can be viewed here: Lochac awards

Aonghus and Ginevra
Baron and Baroness of Politarchopolis

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Investiture Event Thanks

We would like to thank all those who helped make the Baronial Changeover Event a success.

We are aware that it is impossible to remember every single person who helped in a list such as this, but we will do our best.

The list mistresses, the marshals and constables, those who organised the Archery, Fencing and Heavy tournaments, the set-up crew, the servers, those who helped in any way and especially those who stayed to pack up at the end of the event.

We thank Torlyon for providing a fantastic set of dishes, for their time and effort in the kitchen.

Thanks to all the cooks and their helpers, especially William de Perham and Adam the Renegade for their hard work, and the delicious food that they provided.

A huge thank you to the Steward of the event, Lady Alexandra Hartshorne, for running such a large and successful Baronial Changeover, including opening the hall early when the skies opened!

Thank you also to those that entered the Arts and Science competitions and the various lists.

Also a big thank you to the Heralds for their enthusiastic heralding.

We hope that all who came along had a great time, and hope to see you again at the next event in two weeks time.

We would also like to add a huge thank you to Alessandro and Isobel for the wonderful things they did for the Barony. Huzzah!

Aonghus and Ginevra
Baron & Baroness of Politarchopolis

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I thought I would include this information so it can be easier to find,

Due to two factors increased hall hire and increased use costs of the Haig park hall are going up, hence the introduction of patronage, give as little or as much as you can the amounts listed are more of a benchmark rather then a requirement.

The first level is a Benefactor, with a donation of $40. Benefactors will receive a certificate.
The higher level of patronage is a Partisan, with a donation of $100.

To register any payment for Patronage email ysambart@gmail.com to ensure you are noted.
Patronage should be paid for by cheque or cash to
SCA Politarchopolis
PO Box 6876
Charnwood ACT 2615

receipted cash payment to the Reeve. Any queries or requests for clarification should be addressed to ysambart@gmail.com

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New Baron and Baroness

We have a new Baron and Baroness Aonghus and Ginevra! Well we almost have a new B&B, The Baronial change over details can be found here if you haven’t yet booked for the feast unfortunately the hall is at capacity, you could try your luck and contact the autocrat and volunteer to help on the night.

There are a couple of vacant positions available within the Barony these being, List Keeper, A&S officer and Deputy constable, if you are interested in these roles please contact the seneschal

Also, Her Excellency, Baroness Mistress Isobel has been pestering asking if I could change the masthead image, I think it looks pretty spiffy but she may have some grounds for it to be changed to the new B&B what are peoples thoughts? Should Isobel stay as the masthead or be replaced?

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The New Blog

This is the joint blog for the baron, baroness, seneschal and hierophant of the barony of Politarchopolis. It will be updated approximately when one of the above has something to say. You’re welcome to comment here, possibly subject to spam prevention methods if required.

This is Baron Karl Faustus von Aachen. I’m the hierophant at the moment, but as soon as I’ve put the last few finishing touches on this site, I’ll be stepping down in favour of my hard-working deputy, Lord Andreas Reinhardt. So this is my first and last blog post here.

I built this site almost entirely over one weekend, using WordPress, a content management system built around a core of blogging software, after spending entirely too many months trying and failing to build it using other, more complicated underpinnings. Oddly enough, I hadn’t planned to use the blogging side of things at all, but a chat with our seneschal Baron Bart is all it took to inspire me, and now look! Thus, we have a nice simple blog that our seneschal, baron and baroness can use to keep you informed about life in the barony, and our new hierophant can use to tell you about important news of the website.

Please have a wander around the site and let the new hierophant know if you find anything missing, broken or even mildly disappointing. He’s an energetic lad, and I think he’ll get on top of this in no time at all. And in the event that he has an attack of life, other officers also have access to fix things, so I expect it won’t ever get as stale and out-of-date as some sites you find (my previous version of this one, for example!).

So, as I have said many times before, I say one last time in reference to this site: Share And Enjoy!

Yours in Service,

Karl Faustus von Aachen, aka Bat

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