The Outcome of the War

Fellow Politarchopolans,

By now you might be aware, the news from Saturday’s war against the Mongol hordes is twofold:

Firstly I regret to say that our loyal forces were bested on the battlefield. Enthusiastic and courageous, our army rained arrows and blows upon the invaders that did us proud. However, fortune favoured our enemy and we have paid tribute to save all that we hold dear.

Secondly, good news! Politarchopolis is now part of an exciting and quickly growing empire, with fantastic prospects in trade and culture.

Long live the Khan!
Long live the Yeke Khatun!
Long live Lochac!

– Baron Crispin, Baroness Joan

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This Weekend

Fellow Politarchopolans,

This Saturday the hordes swoop down upon us, with every expectation of adding Politarchopolis to their empire.

However, little do they know that we are forewarned through the efforts of our scouts (and also the event notice on Facebook and here on the baronial website).

Where: Tuggeranong Archery Club, 299 Soward Way, Greenway ACT

9am: Site Opens for set up
10am: Opening Court
10:30am-12: War session 1
12pm-1pm: Lunch
1pm-2:30: War session 2
3pm: Closing Court
4pm: Site Closes

Thus we shall meet them fully prepared and send the Khan and Katun away empty handed. And all in time for the next Ultimate Fighter tournaments on Sunday from 10am at Ainslie Scout Hall.

See you there!

– Baron Crispin

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Greetings all,

I journey to Bordescros on Friday to help defend our southern borders from the Mongol horde that is ravening the land. As you may be aware, already Rowany, Ynys Fawr and the whole of the Crescent Isles have succumbed and rumour is that the Khan is turning his attention towards our fair and prosperous barony.

But fret not – Sir Ysambart our sergeant and Lord Otto our heavy champion will be joining me in Bordescros and other doughty Politarchopolans too are lending aid. Let me know if you are joining us.

This weekend shall be a mighty defeat for the horde.

– Baron Crispin

The Baron at war

The Baron at war

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From the Baron and Baroness

Crispin and Joan, Baron and Baroness of Politarchopolis send warm greetings to you our populace.

Our plans for this year begin with Joan travelling to witness the coronation of Kinggiyadai and Altani at twelfth night in the Barony of Rowany. We hope that this show of support will be agreeable to Them and disuade Them from sending Their Horde to lay waste to our towns and villages.

On Sunday January the 25th we anticipate the next ultimate fighter tournaments at our regular training ground in Ainslie, and in February there will be a picnic on St Valentines day. Watch out for more information about these events in the coming weeks.

On the 20th of February Crispin shall travel to Bordescross to test the strength of the southern armies. We encourage all who would join him to book before the 6th of January to get the cheaper rate.

Crispin and Joan

Their Majesties, Kinggiyadai Khagan I and Altani Khalighu Yeke Khatun I King and Queen of Lochac

Their Majesties, Kinggiyadai Khagan I and Altani Khalighu Yeke Khatun I
King and Queen of Lochac

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Christmas closures

Greetings, Politarchopolis,

Due to the ongoing Silly Season, we will not be opening the Ainslie hall this afternoon (28 December), nor on Wednesday which is New Year’s Eve. Normal programming will recommence from next Sunday, 4th January.

We hope that you are all very busy enjoying time with your friends and family, and look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Crispin and Joan
Baron and Baroness

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Coming Events

Greetings Populace,

While Ultimate Fighter has been cancelled, there are still some exciting events in the coming month:

This coming Saturday sees us travelling to the lands of Rowany, for the Feast of the Pheasants in their canton of Okewaite. We hope to see many of you there with us, showing support for our neighbours and partaking of their hospitality.

And on the 5th and 6th of July we will host Midwinter Coronation for the crowning of Cornelius and Elizabeth, the next King and Queen of Lochac. There are currently 136 people booked for this auspicious event, with a price rise on the 22nd of June. The feast is capped at 200 people so please book to avoid disappointment.

If you are able to help out for set-up, pack-down or serving, please let Crispin know.

Baron Crispin and Baroness Joan

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Rowany Festival

Here you will find some information and resources about Rowany Festival, the SCA’s largest event.  In particular, this page deals with the Politarchopolis baronial campsite.

Going to Festival?

Easter is only Two Weeks Away!

You may want to consider:

 If you’d like to stay in the Politarchopolis campsite (Polit Central), make sure to tell Anushka, who is co-ordinating it. There’s a Facebook group for it: “2014 Politarchopolis Festival Campsite”. And when booking for Festival, make sure to put Politarchopolis as the group you are camping with, so that the campsite is big enough to fit everyone.

The Politarchopolis campsite is not planning a food fund, so you may wish to book with the Greesispoone kitchen being run by our very own Mistress Monique. See for further details.

If you are a heavy fighter who first fought in Politarchopolis, then you are eligible to join the Politarchopolis team for the “Group of Origin” tournament that is being organised for Monday afternoon at Festival by Count Niall. Talk to Countess Liadan, who is organising our team.

The war this Festival is between Politarchopolis and Rowany: we need your help! Heavy combattants, combat archers, water bearers, banner bearers and generally anyone keen to see our Barony victorious are welcome to join the war effort, either at the procession in opening court on Thursday night (and the party afterwards), on the battlefield or helping make banners and other items in the lead up. Talk to Baron Crispin if you want to get involved, either in person, or send an email to

We’re also planning a Baronial Brunch for Sunday morning at Festival, from 8:30am. Joan is cooking pancakes, so come along to Polit Central and eat, socialise and prepare for war.

For more about Festival, see the Festival Website:

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