Notes from the Rapier Championship

On Saturday last (May 24) we were entertained by a rapier tournament, during which we chose Don François Henri Guyon to replace Lord Clement as our Rapier Champion for the next year.

We were joined by Their Highnesses Elizabeth and Cornelius, as well as a goodly number of our populace, and several newcomers. Several people did a wonderful job talking to passers-by about what we were up to in the park, which is much to be commended.

Two courts were held during the afternoon. New Officers were publicly announced, being Lord Gabriel van Dorne (Hospitaller, with thanks to Countess Liadan who preceded him), Lady Iseldis (Chirurgeon) and Lord Fionghuine (Lists).

Sophia van Dorne was thanked for her exemplary service as A&S Officer, and Lady Anne de Tournais was announced as Acting in this position, as Sophia’s replacement is not currently able to take up the office.

The Baroness and sundry others jumped merrily into a Leaf Pile which appeared on the tourney field.

Mistress Isobel retired from the Baronial Retinue.

Baroness Alesia also retired, being replaced by Sir Ysambart Courtin as Sergeant of our Guard.

Jack Argent and Saffiya swore homage and became members of the retinue. Saffiya has the title of Cup-bearer, while Jack is Lord-in-Waiting.

Lord Ben the Undecided received a Burly Griffin for service, and Lord Owen of Torlyon received one for his prowess on the fencing field.

Lord Lorccan Ruadh was the victor of the tournament, following two rounds of tie-breaking melee between the four top contenders.

The day was fine and the company excellent. The gingerbread was also excellent. We thank Lord Clement as steward of the event, and all those who helped him make the afternoon so enjoyable. We look forward to seeing everyone next time!

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Rapier Championship

Greetings unto the populace

Come this Saturday 24th of May to join with their Excellencies, the Baron and Baroness of Politarchopolis for a Quarter Court and Picnic in the park as they choose their next Rapier Champion. There will a Tournament for all of those who wish to display their skill at arms.

The event will open at 12:00 noon and the Tournament will start at 1:30.

…Admission is $5 for members $10 for non members, no booking is required.

Location: Nara Park, Flynn Parade, behind the Hyatt

Contact Clement on if you have any queries.

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Baronial Meeting

Baronial monthly meeting is scheduled for this Sunday, May 4th, between 2 and 3pm at the Ainslie Scout Hall, cnr Ebden and Hassall Street, Ainslie.

Officers who are unable to attend are asked to provide the Seneschal with a brief update.

There will be important info on how we need to manage event financials, so stewards for upcoming events may want to attend, or make sure to check the minutes when available.

Sorry for the late notice! We are all trying to keep meetings regular and well advertised, but Festival happened. Hopefully, from June we will be back on track for meeting on the second Sunday each month.

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Baronial Stickers available

Greetings, Polit!

We have laid in a supply of baronial stickers. They are the same as already sported by a number of vehicles around the Barony.

The stickers cost $3.00 each, and are available directly from your B&B.

We will have them at Ainslie hall this afternoon. Profits will be donated to the baronial coffers.

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Baronial Meeting March 16 2014


Politarchopolis Baronial Meeting
March 16 2014

 Meeting opened 2:10 pm, with apology from Simon who was running late.

 – Baronial reporting completed recently. Yay!

 – process regarding fourth peerage complete, no published results as yet.

 – Other Baronies –
Stormhold – selection process underway.
Rowany – Miles and Ameline announced as successors, invest in May.
Innilgard – Eva and Yevan selected, invest before Festival.

 – Officers –
We have one applicant for each of the open officerships. All current applicants have been found acceptable. Their names will be sent to Lochac Seneschal, and once announced, there will be a commentary period of two weeks for the populace to make any opinions known. Each of the applicants present made a brief introduction to the meeting. Proposed officers are:

Naomi (Muirghein) – A&S
Niall – Marshal
Leta and Alexandra – Chronicler and Webwright
Luke (Gabriel) – Hospitaller/Chandler
Lorcan – Captain of Fence
Catherine Connor – deputy for whoever needs one (possibly Luke at this time)
Shona (Iseldis) – Chirurgeon

– Hall issues-
There have been several occasions recently when the hall has been found dirty or not properly locked up after our sessions. There are extra charges to the Barony for cleaning, air conditioners left running etc. Extra vigilance is required!

The last people using the hall or park must take responsibility for leaving the premises as it should be.

Unscheduled visits by other hall users could be contributing to the problem. We need to be certain our group is shutting everything up properly.

Simon is to prepare a checklist poster which will be prominently displayed in the hall.

Suggestion we keep a record each session of the hall status, so we have proof if needed.

 – Baron and Baroness-
Next event is 30th Anniversary Feast of Fools (29th Mar). Come along!

Roll of arms has been updated as far as currently possible. Yay! Thanks to those who have contributed. Keep sending in corrections and updates if you have them.

 – Festival-
Baronial Brunch at Festival – pancakes and basic condiments will be provided for all who wish to take part. Held in Polit Central campsite on the Sunday morning.

Niall is to be knighted on Monday at Festival. Open vigil will be held at Morales Beaumont on Sunday night, after the Fighter Auction.

 Polit Central campsite meeting scheduled for today no longer required, therefore cancelled.

 – Food Safety Legislation –
Members of the Barony who would like to receive training as Food Safety Officers should contact the Seneschal. A number of people will be sponsored, so we have people available for every event.

Interest already indicated by Brigid, Helouys, Catherine Connor.

 – Working with Vulnerable People-
Anyone working with minors (marshalling, running a class etc) will need to have a WwVP card. The check is free for volunteers, but requires filling in a form, providing passport photos and witnessing by a JP.

Use the Seneschal’s details as contact info for volunteer organisation.

Simon to post information and links to paperwork on the website and email list.

 – General Business –
More advertising for meetings needed. This meeting was announced in the minutes from the previous meeting, but was not widely publicised in the leadup to the actual day. Info needs to be sent to email list, website and FB group. Simon undertakes to ensure this is better managed in future.

 Rachel (Liadan) wants volunteers to help with running her A&S event.

 Helouys – thanks for attendees at beginners dance session today. All welcome to future sessions also.

 Ulric – novelty archery shoot coming up, as there is a fifth Sunday in this month. “Winter” archery targets are at 20, 15 and 10 yards. Sunday 30th March, Tuggeranong Archery Club.

 Meeting closed 2:58 pm. 20 people attending. Minutes taken by Joan.

The next Baronial Meeting should be at 2pm, Ainslie Hall, Sunday 13th April.


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Roll of Arms check and update

I have just updated the Roll of Arms as far as I am able. This pretty much means that I’ve added our awards from Valentines’, and a few out of an old post I discovered from Ginevra.

Obviously this still leaves enormous gaps in the record. We’ve decided it may be useful to put out a call, for you all to look at the existing list and see if you can help to fill those gaps.

If your name is incorrect, that’s an easy fix. Send us an email.

If you are sure you have received a certain award, but are not listed, we will need as much info as possible. Give us your name, the current B&B, Herald’s name, event and date – as many of these as you can fill in. We will attempt to cross-check your memory with the appropriate herald and B&B, and hopefully our roll of arms for the last decade will look much less ragged.

Fingers crossed!




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Updated Book of Ceremonies

Minor update from the December 2013 version.

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Baronial Retinue – A Guide To Duties

So you have been asked to join the Baronial retinue? What will be expected of you as a member of the court?

 At the most basic level, the task of the retinue is to help the B&B do their job as smoothly as possible. This applies mostly during events, but also at other times when help may occasionally be required. The secondary role of the retinue is that, simply by looking good and being attentive, they add to the glamour of the B&B and of the occasion.

 At events, the B&B’s duties are public and ceremonial – they have to hold court, sit in state at tourneys, be present at the high table during feasts, and maintain gracious poise while dealing with all kinds of officials and supplicants. These tasks are time-consuming. Their retinue should take the brunt of everyday chores, leaving the B&B free to concentrate on creating pomp and ceremony.

Some ways in which you can help are:

  • Before an event, check if the B&B need help with anything – sewing, preparing gifts or tokens, transporting things on the day.
  • When they arrive at an event, help unload baggage.
  • Fetch and carry things.
  • Set up tents, move thrones.
  • Keep their gear together, and tell them where important items have been put.
  • Help them dress if required.
  • Keep a list of things to be done, people to be interviewed, items given or received, any work which needs to be remembered later.
  • Protect them from wind, sun, rain and cold.
  • Make sure food and drink is brought to them.
  • Set up your own chairs behind them, keeping out of the way yet within easy reach.
  • Help pack up after events.

 At a Feast:

  • Check who is to sit at the high table, and be the messenger to arrange this.
  • Set up feasting gear for the B&B and their guests, in plenty of time.
  • Keep one attendant nearby throughout the feast in case something is needed.
  • Wash and return their dishes. It’s nice to do this for everyone on the high table.
  • Double-check nothing is left behind during packup.

 For a Court:

  • Set up the thrones and a small table – the scene should look good from the audience, and leave space behind the thrones for people to move around.
  • Keep cool drinks, tokens, documents, gifts etc ready to be used.
  • Untangle any token cords before court begins, and keep them untangled.
  • Know which tokens are which, and hand over the correct one.
  • Offer occasional drinks if the court is long. Remember the herald as well.
  • Take charge of any items the B&B have finished with.
  • Be quick to help up people who have been kneeling.
  • Someone should keep notes for later reference – who presented what, which awards were given, important information of any kind.
  • Courts can be long, and you will have to stand throughout. Wear comfortable shoes, visit the privy beforehand.
  • If you are unable to attend court, let the B&B know in good time.

 Do your best, and remember to have fun as well!

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Baronial Job Descriptions

 Stuff that applies to everyone:

– court positions are envisaged to last about a year, subject to circumstance.

 – essentially, all retainers are there to be helpful to the B&B in any way they can. If you cannot help with a particular task, you can still help by finding someone who can! Retainers add to the court experience by making things run smoothly and by making the B&B look important and organised.

 – be an intermediary between the populace and the B&B – take messages, deliver things. This allows people to access the baronial ear without having to interrupt us directly.

 – confidentiality – simply because you are in attendance, you will probably overhear sensitive information relating to court business or to personal matters. Keep these things private.

 – a number of retainers will be wanted for any court. This could mean only one or two, or lots! Smaller events need fewer attendants. Don’t worry if you are not asked to stand with us every time.

 – if you are among the populace during court, you still have a role to play. Some people around you may be unsure how to ‘play the game’. Lead them gently by your example – standing while the pointy hats enter, sitting only when permission is given, keeping approaches clear, listening quietly during court business, joining in cheers…try to help everyone around you be comfortable and enjoy the pageantry of court.

 – all retainers should be on the lookout for suitable people to recommend to the B&B for reward. You may also be asked to help identify replacements for your job when the time comes.

 – Some court positions have regalia. This should be carried / worn, particularly during court. If you have no regalia, atttend the B&B looking as neat and clean as you can.

 Some more specific expectations:

The Baron and Baroness are the representatives of the Crown: their job is to look regal in public, wear the coronets, provide a ceremonial focus, encourage people to get involved and enjoy themselves. Conduct negotiations with other groups and the Crown. Hand out awards. Organise court business, tokens, documents. Report to Crown, arrange Royal visits to the group.

 Ladies- /Lords-in-Waiting look after the B&B’s general needs: replenish food and drink, fetch and carry, set up for court, tidy B&B before entrances, take notes and keep reminders for later reference. Keep track of regalia and other belongings for the B&B during events. Maintain subtle attendance throughout an event. Make sure there is always someone within easy call when needed. Hold all sorts of stuff ready for use during court. Often seconded to assist visiting royals or B&Bs.

 Guards provide chivalrous martial tone: be available for heavy lifting jobs. Set up tents and thrones, pack / unpack cars and trailers. Provide personal protection and escort to the B&B. Be an example of chivalry and courtesy – escort unaccompanied people into the baronial presence, help up anyone who has been kneeling, find chairs for the weary. Guards are often asked to hold banners or other large display items during court. Often this includes providing light for the herald.

 Champions encourage their art among the populace: among other tasks, they may need to organise an event to choose their replacement, make regalia for the next champion, run competitions or offer advice to the B&B on matters concerning their area of expertise. They are also required to answer any challenges made to the Barony or B&B.

 Heralds are the voice: keep track of court business, make announcements, add pomp by saving the B&B having to speak for themselves.

 Other court positions may be appointed at the whim of the B&B, whether for short-term purposes or as permanent additions.



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 The Baron and Baroness of Politarchopolis offer greeting unto visitors and travellers in their lands.

 The people of our Barony are many, and their interests cover every aspect of the modern medieval world. Whatever you want to do or learn about, be it cooking, fencing, event managing, embroidery, archery, calligraphy, armouring, building furniture or piling up rocks…if you would like to do it in a medieval way, there is someone who can set you on the path. We are made richer by the contributions of each and every person in Politarchopolis, and will be glad to include you in their number.

 If you come to us from other parts of the Known World, you also are welcome within our borders. Whether your stay is for a day or for many years, we hope that when the time comes for moving on, you will bear with you many tales of good times and fast friends.

 We bid you welcome, and trust that you will enjoy your time with us.

 In service to Politarchopolis, to the Crown of lochac and to the dream,

Master Crispin Sexi, Baron, and Dame Joan Sutton, Baroness.

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