Ultimate Fighter today – postponed

Due to the excessive heat expected today, the November Ultimate Fighter round has been postponed.

Keep an eye out for the new date. And drink lots of water. And stay in the shade.

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Woden Valley Festival

The Barony was invited to participate in the Woden Valley Festival on 8 November 2014.  The Woden Valley Festival (WVF) is a community celebration of the Woden Valley, Canberra, held annually since 2007. It is hosted by the Woden Community Service (WCS) in partnership with sponsors, and is supported by the ACT Government.

The festival provides an opportunity for the community to gather in a positive and uplifting environment. It is a chance to talk with neighbours, discover local talent, develop new interests and get active. The festival also aims to provide a platform for local organisations to promote services and resources on offer to residents of Woden Valley and greater Canberra.

Big thanks to everyone who participated in the Woden Valley Festival demo yesterday. We had His Excellency, Crispin, Otto, Gabriel, Robbie, Maedb, Blanche and Henri throughout the day.

Our display items looked gorgeous on tables Mistress Rowan had loaned us, banners fluttered merrily and Gabriel and Sophia’s photo cards (contact details on the back) were in high demand!

We have received verbal thanks from the Woden Valley Community Centre and an invitation back for next year where they would like to put us in one of the central positions!

A wonderful showing for the Barony.


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The Barony at the Woden Valley Festival this Saturday

This Saturday we’re participating in the Woden Valley Festival at Eddison Park.

We are looking for artisans who can demonstrate their crafts, fencers who are ready to stab all the things and heavies who can bring the noise and singers, dancers and musicians. Unfortunately due to the festival’s insurance, archery displays are not possible. Pretty much if you are passionate about the sca – I need you

Our hospitaller, Gabriel has arranged some great new promotional materials and with Fields of Gold only a month away ( have you booked?) it is a wonderful recruitment and demonstration opportunity.

Please let me know if you can come along

10-4 this Saturday



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St Vitas Early Music and Dance Weekend Timetable now confirmed


9:00 – 10:00 Pythagorean tuning – Crispin Sexi
Warm-ups with Amoroso and/or the Black Allemande –
Helouys le Poer

10:00 – 11:00 Beginner Recorder and Reading Music – Kiriel du Papillon
Gratiosa/s – Estelle Canning

11:00 – 12:00 Rounds – Ailis Inghean Mheadhbha
Spagnoletta – Alliette Delecourt

12:00 – 1:00 Dance Band Practice – Leon Arundell organising
Newcastle – Brian le faucheeur

1:00 – 2:00 LUNCH

2:00 – 3:00 Pipe and Tabor – Leon Arundell
Good Manners according to Four 16th Century Dancing
Masters – Joanna of the Beechwoods

3:00 – 4:00 The Viheula – Jehan
An Arc of Fine Dances—2 Domenico, 2 Chigi and 2 Arbeau
– John Garden

4:00 – 5:00 Musical Instrument Show and Tell with 3D printed period
instruments – Paul de la Ville.
Continuing An Arc of Fine Dances

6:00 Feast, followed by a Ball

10:00 – 11:30 Red Book of Monserrat Voice and Instrumental Jam
Session – Annabel deSwinburne
Gloria D’Amore – Joanna of the Beechwoods

11:30 – 1:00 Writing four-part harmony using Campion’s method
– Crispin Sexi
Parsons Farwell & Variations for Rostbolli Gioso – Alliette

1:00 – 2:00 LUNCH

2:00 -3:00 Discussion of now and future music and dance events.


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Congratulations to our Raffle Winners

Good afternoon everyone

The fundraising raffle today was drawn at 5pm by their Excellencies, Crispin and Joan.


1st prize, ticket #44  Clem Avenell won the breast plate

2nd prize, ticket #42 Sally Avenell won the shield painted

3rd prize, ticket #101 Cathy Skippington won the silk banner

Big thanks to all involved who helped sell tickets and particularly Baroness Alesia for all her hard work coordinating as well as painting the banner.  Thanks also to Lord Gabriel and Sir Kitan for their donation of their time and efforts in crafting the shield and the breast plate.

The raffle has raised $700 for the Barony so well done everyone who assisted.

in service


An example of the work of the Whyte Falcon Forge who donated the breast plate

An example of the work of the Whyte Falcon Forge who donated the breast plate

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Vacant Officer Positions – FAQs

Offices currently vacant include – Arts & Sciences, Herald, Chronicler, Webwright & Chandler.

Ever thought about being an Officer of the Barony – WE NEED YOU!

Currently the offices of Herald, Arts & Sciences, Chronicler and Webwright are currently vacant and we are keen to find fabulous individuals to fill those roles. What’s in it for you, I hear you ask? It’s a chance to meet a whole bunch of people, share your ideas and inspirations, promote excellence in a particular field and just have a go. You are supported by your Kingdom Officer (and their network of people across Lochac), your friendly local seneschal and other baronial officers as well as their Excellencies, the Baron & Baroness. Most offices will only take a couple of hours a week at maximum (and not all the time).

If you are interested in learning more, please email seneschal.polit@gmail.com, letting me know which office you are interested in applying for. If you think this sounds awesome and you want to apply, please email the appropriate Kingdom Officer (http://lochac.sca.org/lochac/regnum/index.html) stating your interest and any relevant skills/experience, ccing your local friendly seneschal (seneschal.polit@gmail.com).
Being an officer in the SCA is a great way to learn, contribute and meet people.

We’d love to have you on the team!

Officer Positions – Answers to questions I’ve received (as I figure this might be good general information.

Q:Are there already preferred applicants for the roles?

A: Nope, every application is taken on its merits, discussed with the relevant kingdom officer and the Baron & Baroness.

Q: Have you received any applications so far?

A: Yep, one for webwright (however they would like a short term to mentor somebody in the role so this would be a temp fix) and one for chandler.

Q: I don’t have much experience – can I apply?

A: Depending on the office, experience can help but they can also be an amazing opportunity to learn and we can discuss what supports that may be available.


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Ainslie Hall – open from 2

The Hall will be open from 2pm today for project work. Heavy combat and Rapier will also run. See you there!

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Commentary Period – Provisional New Seneschal Announced

Good evening gentles.

As you are all no doubt aware two weeks ago I put in a call for expressions of interest regarding the role of Seneschal of Politarchopolis as I was planning to step down.

It is my pleasure to announce that Lady Anne de Tournai has been provisionally chosen to be the new Seneschal.

As of today there begins a two week commentary period in which members of the populace may email myself at seneschal.polit@gmail.com or the Kingdom Seneschal at seneschal@lochac.org.au with any comments or concerns you may have.

At the end of that period, unless any insurmountable issues arise the office will pass shortly thereafter at a suitable event.

Warm regards



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Coming Events

Greetings Populace,

While Ultimate Fighter has been cancelled, there are still some exciting events in the coming month:

This coming Saturday sees us travelling to the lands of Rowany, for the Feast of the Pheasants in their canton of Okewaite. We hope to see many of you there with us, showing support for our neighbours and partaking of their hospitality.


And on the 5th and 6th of July we will host Midwinter Coronation for the crowning of Cornelius and Elizabeth, the next King and Queen of Lochac. There are currently 136 people booked for this auspicious event, with a price rise on the 22nd of June. The feast is capped at 200 people so please book to avoid disappointment.

If you are able to help out for set-up, pack-down or serving, please let Crispin know.


Baron Crispin and Baroness Joan

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Some Rowany Festival 2014 news for those unable to attend…

Overall, the new site seems to be a success. The weather was clement, and cold enough to enjoy wearing proper garb. No rain, and one windy afternoon which saw a few tents in need of rescue. There will be more toilets next year, and the map will doubtless be tweaked so that everyone has the space they need.

Three knightings – our own Sir Niall among them.

His Majesty knights Count Niall

His Majesty knights Count Niall

One new laurel – Elena le Bruestere from Innilgard.

No new pelicans.

The War Procession went off very well, with an excellent show from each contingent. The Royal Seer made a dramatic appearance, in order to prevent excessive bloodshed.



We won the Olympiad. There were various games – fencing (won for us by Don Galbraith, provided by

The Baron at war

The Baron at war

Northern Reaches), archery (won for us by Sigmund Spelman), running in armour (won for us by Draco), running unarmoured (lost, but a fine run by Claire from Descartes), shotput (won by a full metre for us, by Redfox from Okewaite)), javelin (Alex MacAlpin, in fine form and beaten by only about six inches), tug-of-war (won decisively by Descartes) and discus. Apologies, I can’t remember who the discus thrower was. From Innilgard maybe?

The war scenarios pitted Greeks against Persians. We fought bravely as the Persians, but the Greeks had the victory by a narrow margin.

Rowany was declared the overall winner, and the King made peace between the warring Barons.

There was a forge on site where a number of people learned some smithing and came home with useful things they had made. There were lots of classes on all sorts of topics – what did you learn?

Greesispoone fed many people and was much appreciated.


Ceara fencing

Ceara fencing

There was a LOT of fencing. Robin of Ambledune won the Newcomer’s Tourney. Ceara was awarded the prize for her chivalry and enthusiasm in the Baronesses’ Rapier Tourney.

Our archers did well (of course). Isobel le Bretoun won the Period Division. For the first time, we undertook archery during court, and (fortunately?) both Barons missed the herald. Baron Crispin shot a pavilion, Baron Loyola shot a chair, and in the end both shot gold. Loyola’s gold was shinier than Crispin’s, and so the Royal force joined Rowany for the Olympiad and wargames. 

We had combat archers! Hopefully there will be even more next year, as there were a number of people who were not quite ready this time.

The Baron shoots for the Crown's support

The Baron shoots for the Crown’s support


Andronicus is no longer incipient, but is now a full College.


The Baronial Brunch seemed to go down well. Accipiter, Whyte Company, Burbage and Aldhelm members all helped with preparation and cooking, keeping the pancakes coming despite the breeze which kept trying to interfere. Many others came to feast and socialise. Thanks to all who joined us for the morning, and we hope to see even more of you next year.

Our college members (both Andronicus and Aldhelm) were complimented many times for their courtesy towards other members of the populace, in fetching and carrying, babysitting, minding the troll tent, heralding and more. They were also prominent in assisting us throughout the event.

Our first Festival as B&B has been rewarding as well as busy. We offer congratulations to all who had success in their endeavours, and thanks to all who helped us in ways small and large. We hope you all had at least as much fun as we did, and are already planning for next year…because Festival is only two weeks away!


Joan and Crispin.


Their Excellencies present a sugar gryphon to their Cousins, Baron and Baroness Rowany

Their Excellencies present a sugar gryphon to their Cousins, Baron and Baroness Rowany

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