Articles and Interesting Sites

The internet is awash with SCA combat related material. Some of it is very good and some of it rather poor. Here is a selection of some interesting places to start.

Combat Rules

The Kingdom of Lochac Combat Handbook
Kingdom Marshals Web Site


Blogs, Articles, Web Sites and Podcasts

Cornelius’ Combat Blog


The Pain Bank (podcast)
Covers all activities related to the SCA. Focusing mainly on the heavy weapons side of fighting.

The Lions Road (podcast)

The Armour Archive
The Armour Archive is a complete reference source for information on recreating medieval armour. Essays, Chat, Message Boards, Auctions, and more.

Bellatrix Fighting School
A very comprehensive manual for SCA combat.

Sword Maiden
A website focusing of women combatants.

Legio DraconisThe Middle Kingdom’s rather extensive fighting website.

Moralez Beaumont Newcomer Training Manual
A comprehensive manual for SCA combat.

The girls club
A website focusing of women combatants.

Oldcastle Sword and Shield

The Oldcastle school is one of the earliest “formal” styles of SCA combat. A early but still interesting manual.