Foundations of Combat Course


The Canberra chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism invites Canberrans to pick up a sword and fight like a knight as they learn the arts of medieval warfare in this full speed, full contact pursuit over an 8 week “Foundations of Combat” course..
Enter into contests of skill at arms with the raw intensity of a real battle in a modern day Game of Thrones.

Next Course Begins: March 2017 – stay tuned for updates 

Cost $20+ weekly Insurance $5 or SCA membership.


The Politarchopolis Foundations of Combat Course aims to introduce the basic principles and techniques of tournament combat, construction of swords and shields along with some of the etiquette and culture of SCA tournaments.

SCA fighting is not the impractical and highly stylised fight choreography seen in Hollywood blockbusters but a martial art that is designed to emulate armoured combat in a way that allows you to deliver full powered blows without hurting your opponent.

Male and female fighters dress in armour, which ranges from full plate steel to padded doublets and leather, to protect them while wielding swords, spears, and axes made of rattan to simulate the balance and handling of original weapons, without the lethal qualities.

Two foundation courses are held annually, commencing at the start of each semester in March and July. The courses run approximately eight weeks, with classes at Ainslie Scout Hall, corner of Ebden St and Hassall St, Ainslie ACT 2602.

Classes are 1.00pm on Sundays.

The Course booklet can be found here.



All the equipment for this course is supplied.

You are advised to wear clothing suitable for a training session that are comfortable and non restrictive.

You are encouraged to obtain your own groin protection.


Lesson Plan

Each session should go for about an hour with students encouraged to do additional practice. Suggested timetable-

Warm up and stretch -10 minutes

Review previous week’s drills and exercises – 15 min

Introduce new lesson – 10 min

Drill new lesson – 20 min

Warm down/stretch – 5 min

It is recommended that you make some time to practice between the formal trainings.

Sessions will be extended towards the end of the course depending on Events, what needs to be covered and numbers of students getting into armour.