Baron and Baroness Email Crispin Sexi and Joan Sutton (Jaysen and India Ollerenshaw)
The Baron and Baroness oversee the general activities and operations of the Barony and act as the regional representatives of the Crown.
Seneschal Email Semyon Aleksandrovitch Drakon (Simon Miller)
The Seneschal is the representative for the Barony in the outside world and acts as the chief administrator, similar to a group’s president.
Hospitaller Email Gabriel van Dorne
The Hospitaller is the initial point of contact for most newcomers and helps them feel welcome in the Society. The Hospitallery also coordinates requests for public displays.
Marshal Email Kitan von Falkenberg (Robert Sampson)
The Marshal maintains the safety of the populace during Society combat activities, both those who are actively involved in addition to those who are spectating. The marshal is also responsible for ensuring that each combatant is authorised to participate and will adhere to the Society conventions of combat.
Herald Email Líadan ingen Chein (Megan Cope)
The Herald is responsible for all forms of announcement within the Barony and is assumed to be speaking on behalf of the Crown. Heralds are also responsible for assisting the populace with submissions, such as when devising names or heraldic devices such as coats of arms.
Reeve Email Eberhard Neggerstein (Tim Liersch)
The Reeve is responsible for the financial affairs of the Barony.
Arts and Sciences Minister Email Sophia van Dorne (Amanda Swadling)
The Arts and Sciences Minister coordinates the study and practice of the medieval arts and sciences within the Barony.
Constable Email
Ysambart Courtin (Bart Beswick)
The Constable is responsible for the maintenance of Society law. The constabulary is also responsible for lost property.
Keeper of the Lists Email Vacant
The Keeper of the Lists records all the authorised combatants within the Barony as well as those who enter fighting events and the outcomes of martial contests.
Chandler Email
The Chandler loans out garb and feasting utensils to newcomers. They also store the Barony’s banners, tablecloths, cooking and serving equipment for the Barony to use at our events.
Chirurgeon Email Iseldis of Winchester
The Chirurgeon is the Baronial first aid officer.
Chronicler Email Anne de Tournai (acting) (Brigid Costello)
The Chronicler is responsible for Baronial communication and marketing material
Hierophant Email Andreas Reinhardt (Anthony McIntosh)
The Hierophant is responsible for the Barony’s online configuration and the baronial email list.
Captain of Archers Email Ulric of Ambledune (Ian Crawford)
In conjunction with the Marshal, the Captain of Archers coordinates the group’s archery activities and maintains their safety standards.
Rapier Marshal Email Issarn e Tankard dzo Bordonia (Jason Tankard)
The Rapier Marshal coordinates the group’s fencing activities and maintains their safety standards.
St Aldhelms College Seneschal Email Elena Versare (Louise Caldwell)
The College of St Aldhelm is the branch of the Society at the Australian National University.
St Andronicus College Seneschal Email Gui du Gavaudan (Jacob Gallagher)
The College of St Andronicus is the branch of the Society at the University of Canberra.
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