Lord Paidin MacLorkan and Lady Ysemae Whitewood of Blackwood

Greetings unto the Crown,

We wish it to be known that we Lord Paidin MacLorkan and Lady Ysemae Whitewood of Blackwood do send our greetings and wish to inform you that it is our intent to put our names forward to be the next Baron and Baroness of Politarchopolis.

Through our time in the fair lands of Lochac we have had many different roles that we have performed. I Lord Paidin MacLorkan have assisted the Barony of Politarchopolis with being the A & S minister for the Barony, I served in this position for ten months, I founded the College of St Andronicus and was the first Seneschal of the college which has grown to be one of the largest Colleges in Lochac, I have served the Baron and Baroness as one of their guards, I was in this position for just over 18 months.  At the start of this year I was appointed as a director of SCA Ltd. and I am currently the Secretary of SCA Ltd.  I am squired the Sir Ysambart Cortin, and I am apprenticed to Master Seger.  In my mundane life I have held positions of authority as a Manager of a aged care hostel and as an assistant care manager in an aged care facility, I currently work from home where I breed rabbits for their meat and fur, I am also going to be breeding pigeons, quails and pheasants for their meat.

In Lady Ysemae Whitewood of Blackwood’s time in Lochac she has in service to the Baron and Baroness as a Lady in waiting and the Baronial rapier champion, she has also been the recipient of the Queens glove of courtesy.  Lady Ysemae was also involved in the formation of the College of St Andronicus by being the first chronicler for the college.  In her mundane life she has been an assistant in nursing, an assistant manager and manager in retail and currently is the manager of domestic affairs of our house.

We have both been involved with archery in Politarchopolis, Lady Ysemae is involved in the fencing scene, and I am involved in the heavy scene. Should we be successful we pledge the we will be prominent figures of the Barony, we will lead the Barony in war, we will be there for the populace of the Barony in their times of need and we will create a theatrical ambiance at events.

I Lord Paidin realise that I will be required to step back from my Knight and Master as we will swear fealty to the Crown, I have asked their permission to able to put our names forward for Baron and Baroness of Politarchopolis, they have both given permission for us to do this.  Should we be successful I am also required to step down as secretary of SCA Ltd. I have spoken with the chair and she is in support of our nomination for Barron and Baroness.

Finally we wish to wish all other candidates luck and we will accept whatever decision that the populace and Crown make.


Lord Paidin MacLorkan

Lady Ysemae Whitewood of Blackwood