Lord Semyon Aleksandrovitch Drakon

Unto their Majesties Niall and Liadin, King and Queen of Lochac and their Excellencies Aonghus and Ginevra, Baron and Baroness Politarchopolis does Semyon Aleksandrovitch Drakon send warmest regards and wishes for prosperity and continued good health.

I am writing to humbly place my name in consideration for the position of Baron of Politarchopolis upon the stepping down of your Excellencies.

I feel that I would bring a great deal to the position of Baron. As mentioned earlier I have a vast wealth of experience in the Society. I am lucky to be able to call a huge number of members of the group as friends, both here in Lochac and overseas in the Central Kingdoms. I have close ties with members of all peerage orders and am able to confide in them and seek their assistance easily. I am friends with many current and former landed barons and baronesses, along with a number of former Kings and Queens all of whom are happy to provide advice and sounding boards should I require them.

I am lucky in that I have a strong and prosperous household to support me should I be successful. House Descartes draw from a wealth of experience and skills and though I would not impose on their goodwill I know they would be there to assist should I need it.

I am also extremely lucky that my wife Amy, is very supportive of my SCA participation and goals. Though she no longer ‘plays’ herself she still has a great interest in my activities in the SCA and would provide me a fairly unique opportunity in being my first source of advice and a completely neutral source of guidance on such matters as I may confide in her about. Having a person with absolutely no household or other affiliations, with no ‘axe to grind’ as it were will be a very powerful tool for me as Baron, should I be successful.

I am currently the Seneschal of Politarchopolis having taken on that role in November of 2012 and feel it is not untoward of me to state that I have led the Barony into a time of growth and re-invigoration, especially in terms of the arts and sciences. As seneschal I see it as my duty to provide broad guidance and direction to the officers of the barony, in consultation with the Baron and Baroness, in order to allow them to perform their roles and provide the populace of the Barony with the infrastructure and framework for them to participate within the group. I pride myself on my approachability and fair handedness and that I do not play partisan politics within the barony regardless of my personal affiliations or beliefs. I do ask my officers to work hard however I also ensure that they receive the recognition for that work.

I see the role of Baron in quite a different light. To steal a well-known phrase there needs to be separation between Church and State. While the Seneschal is the person who administers and essentially runs the barony, the landed royalty are the face of the barony and the focus of ‘the dream’ for its populace. They lead in time of war, confer awards and make recommendations for higher recognition to the Crown, they provide guidance and steer the group forward and they are the custodians of the traditions and ‘soul’ of their group. Of my personal loves within the Society, the spectacle and pageantry of court would be one of the most important. The SCA as a group imbue our royalty, whether it be the Crown or our local coronets with a certain aura. I feel it is the duty of the royalty to enhance and build upon that foundation, to provide the populace with a focus for the group.

As part of the ‘in-game’ facet of the group and in the interests of good theatre and having a sounding board for ideas I would form a council designed to advise the Baron. Called variously a council of the gentry or something similar it would be a group drawn from one representative each of the chivalry, laurel and pelican and a member of the populace at large who is not one of the baronial officers and the seneschal. This council would be consulted about matters that pertain to the Barony within the ‘in-game’ environment. This would not of course replace the ability of the populace to approach me as baron, I would welcome and encourage that from the very first however it will allow me a sounding board of a cross-section of the group to allow me to make decisions I know have been ‘sense-checked’ with others who are likely to be affected by them.

As stated earlier I am a great believer in enhancing the pageantry and appearance of our SCA events. As Baron I would push my own levels of this to new heights, as I believe that the populace look to their landed royalty for examples. I have a later period Russian persona and my garb and accoutrements will reflect this however I also feel that the Barony itself and by extension the landed royalty need to reflect the character and traditions of the group and as such I would be aiming for a Baronial appearance that fits those criteria.

In my opinion and experience a great deal of reigning as landed royalty is role-playing. Many SCA people are loath to admit it but the group revolves around a certain degree of role-play to build the ‘dream’ as we refer to it. I have been a role-player, both casually and semi-professionally as a writer and performer for 32 years. I have received numerous national level awards for both creating and participating in role-playing events and I feel that this experience would stand me in very good stead as Baron of Politarchopolis. The ability to don the persona of the Baron at formal occasions, to project it in a believable and effective manner so as to draw others into the scene and environment I would be creating, could only enhance the experience of all involved.

Another advantage I possess is as a war leader and unit commander. It is the duty I feel of the landed royalty to lead their forces on the field of war. As I have previously stated I have been fighting in the SCA for over 20 years and in that time have built an enormous knowledge of SCA war tactics. Further in my mundane life I have both led soldiers in the field, instructed them in tactics and field craft and have also been a keen military historian and wargamer for over 30 years. I am absolutely certain that I could and would lead the forces of Politarchopolis well on the field of battle.

In one final point I believe I have one particular quality that would make me an ideal candidate for the position of Baron. I care deeply for this group. I have been a member of this Barony since before it was made one, I have served as both baronial and baronesses champion, indeed I was the first baronesses champion to Mistress Mathilde and still hold the original favour granted to me in that role. I have seen the group move from points of great coherence and strength to points where work was needed to bring the group back to its former glory. Even when I have been forced to move away due to the requirements of my mundane work I have identified as Politarchopolan ‘in-exile’. I feel, with some justification that this Barony is the greatest Barony in a Kingdom of wonderful Baronies and I would undertake to not only maintain that status but to lead it further and to greater things. This Barony means a great deal to me and it would be an honour beyond measure for me to be entrusted with its future.

SCA Resume

22 years as an active member of the Society having resided in Stormhold, Politarchopolis and Rowany.

22 years as an authorised combatant both light and heavy.

20 years as a senior marshal in heavy and light combat.

First Baronesses champion of the new Baron of Politarchopolis.

Baronial heavy champion of Politarchopolis.

Mead guardsmen to his Highness Alaric, Prince of Lochac

Queens guard to Yolande, Queen of Lochac.

Holder of an award of arms, an Order of the Jomsviking ( granted by Sir Alfar during his reign as Prince as an alternative to the Silver Sword) and a Burley Griffin for martial endeavour in the field of heavy fighting.

Current Seneschal of the Barony of Politarchopolis

Mundane resume.

12 1/2 years policing experience currently a Senior constable with the Australian Federal Police. Formerly with Victoria Police.

Experience in counter-terrorism, transnational crime, overseas capacity development and community policing.  Policy and planning, instruction, mentoring and procedural review.

8 years in the Australian Army reserve.

Former public service contractor in workplace training.

In conclusion, I feel I am an excellent candidate for the role of Baron. The combination of all the factors I have detailed above, combined with my very real desire to lead the barony into a period of further growth, retention and development I believe would be of huge benefit to the group.

Thank you for your time and consideration.  I am happy to discuss this further at your convenience.  I can be contacted at semyondrakon@gmail.com for any questions you may have.

Yours in service

Lord Semyon Aleksandrovitch Drakon

Simon Miller