Lord Sveinn inn kyrri Grimsson and Maitresse Kiriel du Papillon

Unto their most puissant and splendid Majesties, Niall and Liadan, do Lord Sveinn inn kyrri Grimsson and Maitresse Kiriel du Papillon send their deepest respect and wishes for a long, happy and healthy reign.

Your Majesties, it has come to our note that Politarchopolis’ dearly beloved Baron and Baroness Aonghus and Ginevra are unable to continue holding the lands of this great Barony under your Majesties’ firm but gentle rule.

After much consideration, we humbly put ourselves forth to you as candidates to be considered for this challenging but wondrous role.

We know that this, the finest Barony in your Kingdom, has many good people who might be suitable for this task. But we feel that together we have the qualities, dedication, experience and most importantly, love of this Barony, to lead it into a great and glorious future.

We pray that you will consider us for this duty, and place ourselves at your disposition should you desire any further information beyond that contained in the following missive.

Yours in service to the Kingdom of Lochac and the Barony of Politarchopolis.


Sveinn    Kiriel

About Sveinn and Kiriel

Lord Sveinn inn kyrri Grimsson is a 11th century Viking trader from York.  Lord Sveinn first discovered the SCA about 20 years ago, but lost it by going overseas. He returned and refound it in 2004, in Rowany. Since then he has lived in Rowany, Torlyon and Politarchopolis.

He held office in Rowany (web minister ) and redeveloped their site. He also created the Lochac network (lochac.net), which is an independent forum for the populace of Lochac to document and keep in touch.

Lord Sveinn loves the diversity and socialising aspects of the Society. He has been an active archer, in combat and field, and for many years was a behind the scenes worker at every event he attended.

Sveinn is well known through much of Lochac, especially for his pewter tokens, which have commemorated events from as far as Burnfield to Krae Glas.

Lord Sveinn is a member of the Order of the Griffin’s Wing, and is a member of the Order of the Golden Staple (Rowany) and Order of the Rowan Berries (Rowany).

Maitresse Kiriel du Papillon is a 16th century widow from France who has settled in the south of Germany. Maitresse Kiriel is one of the founding members of the Barony of Politarchopolis. Over the many years of Politarchopolis’s history, she has been responsible for running and cooking innumerable events. Kiriel ran Lochac’s first Vice-regal Investiture, Lochac’s first Principality Investiture, and Lochac’s first Kingdom Investiture.

She has held Shire and Principality offices. Maitresse Kiriel loves the pageantry, colour and creativity that the SCA brings to participants, but also the outright fun that it can provide (examples of her work in this regard include stewarding the anti- Valentines feast “the feast of St Wilgefortes”, where people who displayed affection were required to wear false beards, and where she herself donned an outrageous moustache to take the role of the Pirate King in a play; and the free Winter games event which included activities such as catching a soap “fish” in a paddling pool of iced water and snow ball fights).

Although Maitresse Kiriel was absent from the Barony for 9 years, she has remained in close contact, including by sending items for the Baron and Baroness to give as gifts, providing gold bullion thread for the cushions given to Gabriel and Constanzia, and (of course) lauding the glories of the Barony and Lochac where ever she has travelled.

Maitresse Kiriel is one of the founding members of the Order of the Cordon Rouge, holds a

Politarchopolin Fellowship of Grace, two Burley Griffins (one for service, one for A&S), a BaronialCypher, and is a free citizen of the Barony.

Member of the Order of the Pelican, Baroness, AoA, ORoLi, PsC, ORwn, OST, RC (x2)

West Kingdom: QOG, ORL, OLM, WKPM

Kingdom of Drachenwald: Order of the Panache

Barony of Politarchopolis: Free citizen, Order of the Burley Griffin (arts), Order of the Burley Griffin (service),

Politarchopolis Fellowship of Grace, Order of the Cordon Rouge, Baronial cypher

Barony of Aneala: Order of the Demi-Sun

Barony of Rowany: Silver Cinquefoil

Our goals for the Barony are simple.

We see that Politarchopolis remains the finest Barony in the Kingdom, and as such, we will do all within our power to have it continue to flourish.

We would like to encourage all of the diverse aspects of the society – the arts marshall; heraldry; music; as well as the gentle arts; sciences and lots and lots of food.

We believe that the Barony needs a healthy balance between fun and formality and as such would like to encourage diversity in events – small, large, formal, informal, silly and serious.

Our role as Baron and Baroness will be to recognise the contributions of Politarchopolis’ citizens, to maintain the best traditions of the Barony and to declare war on lots of other naturally inferior groups!

We will endeavour to represent the best of the Barony to other groups in Lochac and in the known world, and to be approachable, contactable, impartial, and open minded.

We value the great wisdom and experience of the citizens of the Barony and intend to remain ever mindful of their wishes, and take into consideration the sound council they impart.

The stability of the Barony is crucial, both financial and social, and we will strive to provide leadership and energy to this aim.

We would love to see sub-groups (for example, colleges) flourish and interact with the Barony. Also, if other nearby groups arise who wish to join with the Barony, with the agreement of the populace, to consider this favourably.

One of the greatest joys of the SCA is that our activities within the Society also can bring us new friends. We hope to encourage an active social atmosphere outside events, to further increase the cohesiveness of the Barony and the pleasure of spending time in good company.

We consider the households in Politarchopolis to be one of its greatest strengths and know that to see them flourish is to see the Barony thrive. But we also see it as vital that those who do not desire to be in a household are still supported, valued and included in all of the Barony’s activities.

We believe that together we provide: a balance of unbounded enthusiasm and energy; experience; planning, forethought; dignity; occasional silliness; grace; pageantry; approachability; creativity; patience (that’d be Sveinn); and calm, as well as a strong desire to see Politarchopolis’ reputation as the best fed Barony in Lochac maintained.

Neither of us is a perfect person, but together we believe that we offer strengths to each others weaknesses, and that we can, with the support of the group, grow to be a Baron and Baroness Politarchopolis can hold in pride.

Sveinn  Kiriel