Master Crispin Sexi and Dame Joan Sutton

Master Crispin Sexi and Dame Joan Sutton wish to nominate as potential Baron and Baroness of Politarchopolis.

A little history:

Crispin attended his first SCA event in Politarchopolis in 1992, and thought it was a lot of fun.  He was part of a newcomers’ household called The Wombles in 1993-94, and part of a musician’s group for 6 years with the aim of providing live music at all Polit events.  He has served on the Polit Baronial Guard and as A&S minister, web minister and harbour master.  Crispin is a member of the Order of the Laurel (elevated in 2004) and has received a Burly Griffin for service and Polit Fellowship of Grace for being a nice guy. Crispin was on the OziBoD from 2004 to 2006.  Currently, Crispin is clerk of the Order of the Laurels and looks after a few quiet guild websites and email lists.

Joan discovered the SCA in 1994 and joined St Florian de la Riviere as part of Hey Nonny, Constanzia’s madrigal group. Joan was later involved with Cornucopia, a merchant household, and with a group dedicated to researching and presenting papers on different historical aspects. She moved to Politarchopolis at the end of 1998.

Joan has served as Lists Mistress (St Floz) and Chronicler (Polit), and has been Chamberlain to Aonghus and Ginevra throughout their reign. Joan has assisted several other Baronial and Royal courts over the years, including being Chamberlain to King Aedward and Queen Yolande in their last reign. Joan became a member of the Laurel Council in 2006.

Crispin has stewarded ten events in Politarchopolis, and been on the stewarding team for nine others.  When not otherwise occupied he is commonly found playing music, or involved in entertainment in general.

Joan is an experienced feast cook, having managed around ten feasts and assisted with various others. She joins in dramatic and singing performances on occasion, and has taken up archery in the last two years.

If selected as Baron, Crispin expects to dust off his armour in order to lead the Baronial forces to war. Together, Crispin and Joan hope to encourage the diverse populace of the Barony and Colleges to new heights of enthusiasm and involvement in every field.



Joan and Crispin