Seneschal’s Page

seneschal(The Seneschal is the current administrative head  of the group. In non medieval terms, they are the “president” of the local branch and the accountable point for Australian law.)

The current Seneschal of Politarchopolis is Helayne Quentayne (Kylee Truswell).  Contact details for Helayne can be found here.

Here you will find minutes of Baronial Meetings, links to registers of warrants and mundane certifications which may be of relevance to members wishing to arrange activities or run events.  Baronial Policies will also be stored here.  If no specific policy is listed, the overarching policies of the Kingdom of Lochac apply with no regional variation.

Baronial Meeting Minutes 2015

Baronial Meeting Minutes 2014

Baronial Bookings Policy (UPDATED)

Baronial Officer Warrant Register

Mundane Certifications Register