Remaining to do:

  1. Add in the Griffintayle detector
  2. Fix the auto-naming of pages
  3. Finish A&S pages
  4. Put in the bookings policy
  5. Find a plugin for the contact forms
  6. Put photos on front page
  7. Change references from Bat to Macca throughout
  8. Add award descriptions
  9. Change references from to
  10. Fix the 404 page.
  11. Finish uploading photos
  12. Upload the lot to the server
  13. Integrate the Officers’ Blog
  14. Make a red-border style
  15. Find out Stephanie Roughley’s SCA name so I can caption that photo.
  16. Check officer details
  17. Make contact pages for all officers
  18. Give Macca et al instructions on:
    1. How to put a red border around important stuff
    2. How to edit contacts
    3. How to add new instructions (ooh, how meta!)
    4. How to add new events
  19. Send emails to all officers to confirm their details
    1. Awaiting replies: Arts and Sciences Minister – Baron and Baroness – Captain of Archers – Chandler – Chirurgeon – Chronicler – College Seneschal – Constable – Herald – Hierophant – Hospitaller – Keeper of the Lists – Marshal – Rapier Marshal – Reeve – Seneschal
    2. Chirurgeon resigned; edited contact page
    3. New rapier marshal is  Jason Tankard, J’son i Tankard of Bordonia ( Deputy is Baron Francois. Need to confirm F’s mundane name (Shane Lynch? pretty sure that’s it) and ask permission to publish F’s email address.
  20. Put in the Mappe (at last!)
  21. Upload all the other pictures people have donated
  22. Upload a better favicon
  23. Put in all upcoming events, with links to full-page descriptions