Upcoming Events

These are the events coming soon in the barony and nearby groups.
You can find details for our weekly activities here.

The Barony feasts!

The Barony feasts!


8 February – Ultimate Fighter Tournament – Sword and Shield (Ainslie Scout Hall – hall fees & insurance applies)

15 February – Multicultural Festival Demo

20-22 February – Border War (Albury)

28 February – St Valentine’s Regatta & Games Day

MARCH 2015

14 March – Newcomers’ Feast & Baronial Armored Combat Championship

21 March – Casual War (Royal Event) (proposed, bid to be received)

22 March – Ultimate Fighter Tournament – Polearm

APRIL 2015

2-7 April – Rowany Festival (Southern Highlands)

MAY 2015

1-3 May – Crown Tournament (Auckland, New Zealand)

Baronial Rapier Championship (Date to be advised)

JUNE 2015

8 June – Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Demo (details to come)

13 June – St Aldhelm’s Bob & Kate Feast (proposed)

20 June – Winter Solstice Ball & Tournament (proposed, bid to be received)

JULY 2015

Proposed event from the College of St Andronicus (to be confirmed)

18 July – Good Food Feast

24 July – 9 August – Pennsic War and SCA 50th Anniversary Celebrations


Arts & Sciences Collegium (proposed, bid to be received)

14 August – Midwinter Casual Event (proposed, bid to be received)

22 August – Torlyon Event

28 August – La Prova Dura (Adelaide, SA)


12-13 September – St Vitas Music & Dance Weekend (proposed, bid to be received)

Baronial Archery Championships (dates to be confirmed)


Okewaite Event (dates to be confirmed)

St Aldhelm’s Tower and Fountain  Tavern Feast (dates to be confirmed)


Crown Tournament

St Andronicus Event (date to be confirmed)

27-29 November – Fields of Gold (proposed, bid to be received)


Baronial End of Year Celebration and Town Hall Planning (date to be confirmed)