Multicultural Festival Stall

A Call for Volunteers for National Multicultural Festival Stall:

Alice Balnaves-Knyvett has organised a community stall again at the NMF for Polit on Sunday the 9th of February. Last year we were awarded for being the Most Engaging Stall.

This year I’ll be organising a roster for volunteers to make sure no-one gets stuck by managing the stall by themselves. I’ll be rostering multiple people in for 2hr blocks across 10am-4pm.
What we need is for people to turn up in their best garb/gear for their favourite SCA activity, and engage with the public and just generally be awesome… be prepared to talk to lots of people and be in lots of photos.We’re unable to permit combat activities, or provide food to the public at the stall. Please keep this in mind.
The information and displays will be managed by Alice, so enquiries regarding this should be directed to her.So if you’re interested in volunteering, please contact me (fb msg, or personally, or email with your availability for the day and a phone number (should I need to get in with contact you). I’ll let you know which 2hr block you’ll be expected to be there for. People are free (and encouraged) to come early and leave late, so long as they’re they are there for the block allotted. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.Regards
Benjamin The Undecided.
This year our stall is E11.  This is on London circuit, directly in front of Bendigo Bank.
So in short: turn up in garb/gear to the stall, wander around and talk to people, answer their questions, let them take photos. Socialise. Look awesome. Be Awesome. Have fun.
Folks, my roster for the Multicultural Festival this sunday can be found here:
Our stall is located at E11, which is on London Circuit in front of Bendigo Bank.
For those of you with a ‘No’ for contact details, could you provide me with a contact number so I can advise you of any changes or issues arising on the day. I will also provide my own in case you need to contact me.
As previously mentioned, please feel free to turn up earlier, or leave later. But please try to be present for the time allotted so we can ensure everyone gets a break. People are also free to rock up on the day and join in, but please give us some indication in advance if you haven’t already.
If you wish to volunteer, or need to rearrange the time – please contact me via facebook or <> by Friday.