Newcomer’s Feast & Activities – 8 March 2014

Welcome those new to our society  at the Politarchopolis Newcomers feast

When: 8th of March
Where: Ainslie Scout Hall – Cnr of Hassall and Edben St Ainslie
Newcomers (First event) – $10
Members – $15
Non Members – $18

Activities in the park start at 1 with the hall opening at 4 and the first course around 6.30.

Costume hire is being run through the college – there will be costumes on the night.

Heavy Tournament: Join the heavy combatants of Politarchopolis as they vie for the title of Heavy Champion. Selected for prowess, chivalry, and bearing, the Champion is a title borne by a special few, whose duty it is to defend the Baronage with their personal might, and to serve as representative of Their Excellencies’ fine realm.  Lists will open at 1, with the tournament to be concluded by 3.  The format will be a single-kill, double-elimination tournament, watched over by the current Champion and Their Excellencies.  Your bearing as a courtly and diplomatic warrior will be judged as much as your prowess, so act accordingly.

Rapier Tournament: Lists and inspections will open at 3:30 pm for a 4pm start (punctuality is appreciated so we can get more fencing done). Format will be a Meatgrinder, to ensure the maximum amount of action for all involved while keeping time between bouts to a minimum.  A wide variety of weapons forms is encouraged, to showcase the great variety of toys we get to play with. If there are any questions about the rapier tourney, please don’t hesitate to contact Alexander (

Booking contact Adam the Renegade via Email: or after hours on 0400 299 760

Hope to see lots of you there!