Lady Anne de Tournai

Unto their Majesties Niall and Liadan, does Anne de Tournai (formerly Brigid of Achille) send greetings.

Your Majesties, I wish to advise you of my desire to serve as your Baroness in Politarchopolis.  I want to build on the great legacies of Angus and Ginevra, Alessandro and Isabel, Edmund and Leta, Francois and Aelfrythe and Stephen and Mathilde, adding my own service to this land. I am further inspired by the strong leadership shown by two great nobles, Mistress Rowan Peregrynne who brought the Knowne World to these shores and Mistress Baroness Antonia di Lorenza who holds carriage of your lands in Stormhold.

A citizen of Lochac since ASXXIIV (1992), I have lived in multiple groups in this great nation including theBarony of River Haven, the shire (as it was then) of St Florian de la Riviere, the Barony of Rowany and the Shire of Torlyon before making my home in Politarchopolis.  As a member of each of these groups, I have seen how many different ways there are of participating and enriching your realm as the Knowne World has space enough for all of us to play.  I have served in many offices in this time and list a few for your information  – Group Marshall of St Florians for two years, field herald in Rowany, Bard of Lochac for Their Highnesses Alaric and Nerissa, Exchequer for Lochac as we went Kingdom, served on both Principality and Kingdom Courts and most recently I have been working on bettering the communication in Politarchopolis as the Chronicler for the last two months.  I understand what is necessary to create, build and sustain a group and its officers having been there for all these stages.  I received a Grant of Arms for my service but feel that a greater reflection is in the strong relationships I have built throughout the Knowne World and in particular, across Lochac.

Politarchopolis has held a special place in my heart since I first began travelling to its fair shores in ASXXIX (1994), being awarded a Gryphon’s Wing by Stephen & Mathilde for my service.  Since making Politarchopolis my home, I have fed and nurtured its people, assisting and running kitchens for many of the events over the last 2 years most notably Valentines and Fields of Gold.

I have sung before Princes and Princess, Kings and Queens, ensured safety and honour was satisfied upon the field of combat, proclaimed proudly the deeds of those who serve and those who fight, I have fed the hungry and given of my largesse and sat at the footsteps of those who tales thrilled the blood. I see a Barony where all are celebrated for their work and their joy, where the Baroness takes lessons from those who were before and who stands to foster the work of her people.  I would stand upon the field of war under the banner of Politarchopolis by Rowany Festival to uphold our honour.  Given the wealth of skill in rapier and archery, I would look to learn from my people so that they would know that I would fight for them as they would fight for me.  Like a stained glass window, a Barony is made up of many pieces, individuals, households and colleges, each unique and necessary to the greater picture forming a whole.  I see the role of the Baronial Presence to illuminate the contribution of all members of the Barony, celebrating those unique achievements and interests.

As Baroness, I would look to work with all members of the populace to continue to make Politarchopolis a group that inspires the imagination, stimulates creativity and transforms our understanding of the modern middle ages.  We would be strong in all fields of combat, defending our lands, our Barony and the Crown with prowess and honour.  Our fighters and our artisans will continue to be recognised as amongst the most highly skilled in Lochac.   We would promote our group actively to the local community and provide a clear path for people who join us to learn the skills they want. We’ll have fun!

So how do we make this happen? In mundane life, I’m an Executive Officer – my whole role involves constant communication, building strong and active networks and organizing not only myself and others.  As someone with over 20 years in the SCA, I am fortunate to have friends and networks amongst almost every group in the Barony which means I have a strong support network and great channels for hearing from the vast majority of the populace.  I am negotiating constantly with strong personalities/senior executives and am not afraid of letting them know if I think we’re not working to achieve a good outcome for everyone. I would be looking to work with the Seneschal & Reeve to review our financial position as a matter of priority, looking to achieve a sustainable position that the majority of the group are happy with. I have spoken to a number of the populace as well as peers and former Barons and Baronesses about providing me with counsel and support.

As Baroness, I hope to increase Baronial meeting attendance by reminding people that these meetings are our opportunity to make change and make a difference within this Barony. I will encourage and celebrate the participation of each member of the Barony which will help to widen the range of opinions that are voiced. I plan on being available as someone you can come to with concerns, questions, and issues. I will work to support the Seneschal to make the meetings interesting, relevant and regular.  I would look to host a monthly dinner so all the officers have a time to talk through things that are occurring in their offices with their peers allowing us to work together. Having been there, burn out is no one’s friend so ensuring officers and members of the populace avoid this is a high priority.  I would look to support those seeking regular feasts, tournaments, wars, hunts and quests in Politarchopolis, creating opportunities for all to build their skills, show their expertise and inspire others.

If I was honoured with the role, my commitment is to be present – to attend on a regular basis all training sessions and regular meetings.  I would authorize in rapier and archery and reinvigorate my Silver Rondel in dance.  I would like to hold a semi-regular Baroness’s breakfast – this would be my gift to my populace, taking this to where people are training or meeting.  At Festival, this breakfast would be open to all members of Politarchopolis, not just those camping with the Baronial campsite. I would look to provide the Politarchopolan Baronial presence throughout Lochac as a regular attendee at those great events such as Spring War, Great Northern War, Rowany Yule and at Crowns and Coronations.  I am lucky to be in the position of being securely employed with a decent salary enabling me to make this commitment.

As Baroness, my number one priority would be the wellbeing of Politarchopolis and I would formally suspend any household ties for the period. Instead I would focus on making a cohesive BaronialHousehold that would represent the best of the Barony and encourage participation for all. My experience holding a Great Office ensures that I am fully aware of just how much work is involved in this position as well as the joy and this role would be my only voluntary commitment while I was wearing the Baronial Coronet.  The experience and skills I have gained both as a Volunteer Coordinator for the National Folk Festival as well as the Marketing & Communications Manager for the Corinbank Music and Arts Festival are directly applicable to this role.  I have discussed the commitment required with my supervisor and she is completely supportive of this opportunity.

I want to make a Court that is full of theatre, music and those magic moments that only the SCA can provide. I am committing to provide that Court, to provide accessible, self aware and responsive leadership and to provide a clear vision to continue making Politarchopolis the envy and inspiration of Lochac. I would be proud to serve if chosen and stand ready to serve the new Heirs if this is not the option at this time.

For the Glory of Politarchopolis and the Crown of Lochac!

In Service