Sir Kitan von Falkenburg and Baroness Alesia de Cheval Blanc

It is with great joy, but mingled with sadness, that we, Sir Kitan von Falkenburg and Baroness Alesia de Cheval Blanc send greetings.


Joy to be contacting your Majesties at such a wondrous time for the Kingdom as these fine days are & sadness at the upcoming departure of our much beloved Baron and Baroness Aonghus Mac Greigor and Ginevra Lucia Di Namoraza.


Our purpose in this missive is to proffer to your majesties our intent to submit ourselves to be considered for nomination as Baron and Baroness of this beautiful

Barony of Politarchopolis.


In Service

Alesia & Kitan

There concludes our letter of intent, but let us give you a little background to us and our purpose in putting our hands up to be considered.

I (Alesia) was about 14 when I went to my first feast with my parents at the invitation of Oriel of the Gypsies. It was a poisoners event held in Belconnen & my brother and I had a brilliant time killing people all evening. A couple of years later I went to a tournament where Sir Brusi asked to fight for my favour for the day. He won, The Bat wrote a little ditty about it & performed it at the end of the tourney. I was hooked on the SCA for life.

I’ve led one of Polit’s colleges, the College of St Aldhelm, and then served the Barony as it’s Seneschal. I’ve run events, fought, feasted, danced, taught, learnt, laughed and occasionally cried (in pain mostly from the mighty blows of my most excellent fellow combatants) all within this fine barony. I can honestly say that this place is my SCA home & I love it here. I’m also a member of the Whyte Companie & squired to Sir Philip du Lac.

My (Kitan) interest in all things Medieval started at school when a medieval group ran a day of activities and a feast at night. Years later I was introduced to the SCA at the Abbey medieval fair, in Queensland, and have not looked back since. I attended my first event in Riverhaven and spent my first months there before moving to St Florian . I was a member of St Sebastian for my first few wars before joining the White Companie.

About 10 years ago I moved to Canberra for work and was welcomed into the Barony of Politarchopolis. While I still have very fond memories of my early days in the SCA, Politarchopolis is my home now and the Barony has given me much over the years.

We met and fell in love in this Barony and welcomed our beautiful daughter Evy into the world here.

We both believe that the Barony is currently strong and healthy, so our intent as Baron and Baroness would be to support all the groups and people that are doing good work making this a great place to play SCA and work on building some aspects like encouraging growth of the  Baronial campsite at Rowany Festival and the Baronial presence at war and encouraging our sometimes diverse Barony to work together on projects, events and generally having fun