The Pageantry Parade

We are a proud people. Bold with colour and display. From our name, to our alliances and devices – it is all on display.

Imagine, you arrive to bright banners, blowing in the breeze. The combatants fight proudly, displaying their emblems. A display of items crafted by skilled artisans bears unmistakable signs of who they were crafted for or by. In the evening, you feast in a hall with symbolism all around.

Today, individuals and households will earn points based on their display and in the events they enter, either representing personal heraldry, household or loyalty to the barony.

What are you made of? Come along and let your colours fly!

Ainslie Scout Hall, 1 Hassall Street, Ainslie.

Saturday, July 28th 2018

Ticket prices:
Adult whole event/day only/feast only): $30/$10/$20
Child (10-16; whole event/day only/feast only): $10/free/$10
Kids under 10, Free.
Non-members add $5 event insurance fee.

To book, please fill in the booking form and the steward will be in contact with you.
If you have any issues contact the steward for this event, Rhianna of Politarchopolis,


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