FARE THEE WELL Tourneys and Pot Luck Supper

Let the Populace of Politarchopolis farewell their Noble Baron and Baroness, Master Crispin Sexi and Dame Joan Sutton.

After 5 Good Years of Service, come along and participate in a Tourney or Two and share in a Pot-Luck style Light Supper. His Excellency would like to participate in a Tabard Tourney (heavy) and there will be a Rapier Tourney so the Ladies of the Court may Honour their Favourites by the way of small token.

Please Honour their Excellencies by bringing something to share, preferably something from the 14th Century – such as, Cakes, biscuits, sweetmeats or nibbles, fruits, Pies and pastries, Vegetables and salads, Egg or cheese dishes and Preserves – jams, jellies, pickles, salted and dried items. (Her Excellency likes Cakes, biscuits, chicken pastries).

Arts and Sciences Competition:
Arts and Sciences prize for the best documented item of food!

There will be a market (swap and sell) between 2pm to 5pm, so bring your goods or items you wish to part with, and also bring your money and prepare to shop and swap!

Tabard Tournament (Armoured Combat):
This tournament requires every entrant to provide a removable tabard that represents them. The tabards shall be assigned out randomly to be worn by the combatants at the start of each round. A caveat to the randomness is that no combatant may wear their own tabard during the tournament.

Each tabard shall have two lives assigned it. If the combatant with your tabard is defeated, that shall be a loss counted for your tabard. Once a tabard has been defeated in two rounds, then the entrant to whom the tabard belongs has been knocked out of the tournament, along with their tabard.

The victor of this tournament is the entrant whose tabard wins the final. If you have been following the rules closely, you will note that this would be the person who did not deliver the killing blow.

Whose device will dominate?
Whose colours will conquer?
Whose arms will be bested by their own arms?
Come along and find out!

Saturday, 17 November 2018 from 1.30pm, light supper at 5pm, finish by 7.30pm.

Ainslie Scout Hall, 1 Hassall Street, Ainslie.

Adult Members $15, Under 18s Free. Non-Members +$5 per person.

What to wear:
This is a garbed event. If you need garb, contact our Hospitaller to borrow something to wear.

Baroness Helouys le Poer, email: helouys@gmail.com.

Stay up to date:
Facebook event page.


  • 1:30pm Blunt Archery opens
  • 1:30pm Heavy Armour Inspection opens
  • 2:00pm Market / Swap and Sell Opens
  • 2:00pm Tabard Tourney
  • 3:00pm Rapier Inspection opens
  • 3:30pm Rapier Tourney
  • 5:00pm Potluck Supper
  • 7:30pm Event closes