Ultimate Fighter Lochac 27-29 June 2014


News flash: unfortunately Ultimate Fighter has been cancelled. Our sincere apologies to those who were looking forward to this event.



When: Friday 6 pm 27/6/14 to Sunday 29/6/14 5 pm
Where: Camp Cottermouth, Cotter Road, Mt Stromlo, ACT

Ladies and gentlemen, for 6 months 30 odd volunteer combatants have been trained by 10 members of our chivalry to compete in a 5 form swiss seeded tournament to decide the Ultimate Fighter of Lochac. The Chivalry will also fight tournaments based on the weapon forms but single death single elimination to get them out of there quickly. (Not like they need any more glory anyway.)The weapon format will be run in this order:


Single Weapon and shield (so axes, maces and swords, daggers if you are keen)

Great Sword or 2 handed sword

Single Sword, mace or axe.


Glaive or polearm

Chosen weapon (any legal combo you want)

There will be pageantry, there will be drama, there will be ring announcers and there will be prizes for the best fan.

Fans – Before lay on is called you are encouraged to yell, cheer, play musical instruments and go crazy. (Not during the bouts though). Support your favorite fighter!

The event will be camping and fully catered. Non catered options are available as well and billeting is also available.

If you like heavy fighting, good company, good food and good fun than this is the place to be.

Autocrats: Stuart Burns and Brendan Gill

Bookings: To Brendan Gill on brendan_of_menai@yahoo.com.au

Please Specify:

  • which meal plan you want
  • if you want to be billeted
  • if you are camping on site
  • Also membership numbers as well please.


  • Fully Catered event $60
  • Full Attendance but no food $35
  • Saturday Feast and day rate $40
  • Kids under 10 get in free!
  • Please add $10 to the cost if you are not a member.

A schedule of events will be up but fighting will start from 10 am sharp on the Saturday.

There will be three tournaments on the Saturday for combatants and also the Chivalry and two on the Sunday for combatants and the Chivalry.

Menu will be later as well but will be in the era of Australian BBQ

Other night events will be organised along the lines of tug o wars and games.

We will make it fun – we will make it good.


Ultimate Fighter Lochac