All Fools Feast – 29 March

Politarchopolis 30th Birthday Quest and Potluck Fool’s Feast

Date: Saturday, March 29th 2014
When: Quest at 3pm, followed by Feast at 6pm.
Location: Both the quest and the feast are at St Margaret’s church hall, Antill Street, Watson.
Steward: Kiriel du Papillon

Come and celebrate the 30th birthday of Politarchopolis in the same way as it began, with a potluck feast and much silliness. The event will begin with a Quest (suitable for all ages and all levels of SCA experience). Get together a team and battle, entertain and outwit monsters. Then in the evening, bring along a dish of food to put on the groaning board, and take a chance at becoming the King or Queen of Fools for the night. Yes, complete power can be yours for this one night… What have you always wished would happen at a feast? The power to make it so could be yours! The sillier your fancy, the better!

Bookings Close: Friday, March 28th 2014
Booking Contact: Kiriel du Papillon (

$9 members
$14 non members
$6 children

Remember to bring a dish of food suitable for feeding 6-10 people.
For recepies and ideas of what to bring to the feast:

30th birthday map