Arts and Sciences Collegium, 15-16th August

Join us for a weekend full of A&S classes, demonstrations and workshops at the Tuggeranong Sea Scouts Hall on the 15th and 16th of August! Come along and learn from some of the most talented artisans and teachers in Lochac, with classes covering a multitude of topics, time periods, and interests! The agenda has something for everyone.

The event costs $45 for pre-booked members, $50 for pre-booked non-members, and $30 for children 8-15 years old.

For bookings contact the Steward, Asny inn draumspaki, at with your SCA name, mundane name, member number and dietary requirements.

A booking includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and a place at the Feast on Saturday night, inspired by a documented feast hosted by the Count of Anjou in 1455, with fantastic food and entertainment!

Please be aware that the Feast is capped at 80, so book early to avoid disappointment! Bookings for the Feast only will be charged the Concession price of $30. In addition there will be a fundraiser breakfast BBQ hosted by the College of St Andronicus on both Saturday and Sunday before the classes begin.

So come for the classes, the food, and the company – the Politarchopolis AS Collegium!