Baronial Archery Championship – 24 October

Fill your quivers and ready your bows! The time has come for archers of Politarchopolis to gather and test their prowess and skill for the chance of becoming the next Baronial Archery Champion.

Show off your crafting talents in an archery-inspired A&S competition, and complete in a series of challenges.

There will be a hunt of deadly creatures, including the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog! Afterwards, teams of archers will face off against each other in Battle Clout. Finally, individual archers shall face off in a series of Duels.

The Details:
A&S entries must be “archery inspired”, with the winner decided by popular decree.

The Hunt is a time trial event where each archer must face a host of cute, cuddly and deadly forest creatures.

Battle Clout is a team event where archers form groups of three.  Each team owns a target a good distance away.  Eliminate the targets of rival teams before they eliminate you!  Creative teams may bring along a printed A4 or A3 sheet, with which to decorate their target.  It might be a device, lucky symbol, or prayers to the war gods.

The Duel is an single kill double elimination tournament where individual archers compete in close range target (not people ) shooting.  The most accurate shot wins the duel!