Baronial Awards

We think it’s important to recognize and celebrate the contributions and achievements of our members, so along with the awards system of the rest of the kingdom, the Barony of Politarchopolis has its own awards:

  • The Order of the Burly Griffin: Given for excellence in service, combat, or arts & sciences
  • Order of the Griffin’s Egg: Given to members under the age of sixteen for enthusiasm, politeness, skill, service, and many other fields of endeavour
  • Baronial Huntsman: Given to exceptional combat archers
  • Cooks’ Favour: Given to exceptional cooks
  • Pensioners: Given to Baronial Guards when they step down from their position (see Baronial Retinue)
  • Fellowship of Grace: Given once a year for exceptional grace, courtesy, and chivalry
  • Free Citizen of Politarchopolis: Given for exceptional, one-time service to the barony, and allowing free entry to baronial events for one year
  • Order of the Griffin’s Wing: Given to people from other SCA groups who have given great service to the barony
  • Order of the Cordon Rouge: Our highest award, given once a year to someone who has tied the barony together

A list of recipients of these awards can be found on the Politarchopolis Roll of Arms.

All these awards are given out by the Baron and Baroness at their discretion, but they decide who should get them based on recommendations from the populace. Awards are given out in court using the Book of Ceremonies. If you know someone in our group is doing great things and you think they should be recognised for it, you can recommend them for an award by emailing