Armoured Combat Mentoring Program

Foundations of Armoured Combat Course – Mentoring Program

(Barony of Politarchopolis, March – August 2017)

This year we are offering a mentoring program aimed at linking up participants of the Foundations course with senior combatants from the Barony, with the aim of increasing retention by making everyone feel welcome, accountable, and supported, as well as encouraging everyone to get to know each other. The program will run for 6 months, starting Sunday 5 March and ending Sunday 19 August.

How can I get involved?

Participants can sign up by emailing Rachel at Rachel DOT horne AT amsa DOT gov DOT au by Monday 13 March 17 with their preference for mentor (if any) and an indication of any specific interests (i.e early period vs late period, left vs right handed, sword and shield vs pole weapon, tall person vs short person etc).

When is it all happening?

After Monday 13 March (i.e. when participants have sent their emails in) Rachel will discuss preferences with senior combatants and the allocations will occur. Participants will be contacted with their allocation, and can either confirm they are happy with it or ask for a different option. Matches will be finalised by Sunday 19 March, and made official at the BBQ on Sunday 2 April.

What will my mentor do?

During the Foundations course your mentor will check in with you regularly, seek you out to say hi etc. at training, provide you with extra information as necessary, and generally try to make you feel welcome and accountable for continuing to show up. Once the Foundations course has finished and you attend normal Sunday Baronial Fighter Practice, your mentor will fulfil the same function but will also help you with armour and fighting questions, help you warm up, assist you to meet other fighters and set up fights, and help direct your basic training. Once the mentoring program finishes, you as a new fighter will have settled into the Barony and should hopefully be feeling comfortably part of the group. If you wish to enter into a more formal training relationship with your mentor (i.e. man-at-arms or squire), you will need to wait until after the program has finished.

Who are the mentors?

There is quite a good mix of senior combatants who have signed up as prospective mentors, with a wealth of experience to offer. You will have met them at the first Foundations course session, and they will be there for the remainder of the course where possible as well. If you wish to indicate a preference, consider nominating someone who is interested in the same thing you are interested in, whether that be early or late period, sword and shield or pole arm etc.  See below for information on each prospective mentor for 2017.

Sir Blethyn ap Gryffyd

Mundanely my name is Dan. SCA name is Blethyn. Fighting since 2005, knighted at the end of 2013. Started fighting sword and shield, transitioned to pole arms approx. 4 or 5 years ago. Have fought with various weapons combinations and enjoy pole arms the best. Strive for period accuracy in fighting kit and weapon styles/combinations. A&S interests include woodwork and leatherwork and period era bushcraft. I do 10th century northern European. Generally Norse, with a splash of Anglo Saxon for extra character. Mundanely I am an industrial arts high school teacher.



Lord Semeon Aleksandrovich Dragon

My name is Simon, in the SCA I am Semeon. I joined the SCA in 1992 and started fighting not long after that. I fight sword and shield, pollax, longsword and number of other styles. I am a late 15th century Mercenary captain in the service of the Emperor Maximillian in the Germany and Northern Italy. Mundanely I am a police officer with the AFP.






Baroness Alesia au Cheval Blanc

Mundane name is Alice, SCA name is Alesia. Authorised for the first time at Spring War in 2003, and while I fought on and off in the intervening time, I picked it up again more seriously in 2012/2013. I’m short and right handed and predominantly fight sword and shield, either strapped or centregrip. But prefer to play with 2 handed weapons in war, particularly pike. My primary focus in the SCA outside fighting is 15th century Burgundian, cause these guys really knew how to party and I love shiny armour. No really, it’s a fascinating era for politics, fashion, trade, the arts, chivalry and feasting. Mundanely I run a small business doing business support.





Baron Andreas Reinhardt

My name is Anthony McIntosh, everyone calls me Macca. My SCA name is Andreas Reinhardt, squired to Sir Brusi Anderson of the Shetlands. I found the SCA in 2002 and started coming along, I didn’t start fighting heavy until a couple of years in. I fight with Great Sword and single sword and centre grip kite. I am a big fan of WARS and melees, I have an interest in the Crusades around 13C. In the SCA I don’t do much outside of fighting and socialising but I am currently the Kingdom Web Minister. During the day I work in IT.




Lord Otto Sex Burger

My name is Ben, friends call me Benny, and I am infamously known in the SCA as Lord Otto Sex Burger. I crossed over to the SCA in the beginning of 2012 from training in classical Japanese swordsmanship  (Battodo /Kenjutsu/ iaido and Modern Arnis (FMA). I train righthandedly with a sword and shield. Currently it’s a centregrip but was using a strapped up until a year ago. I also like to train with a bastard/longsword and duelling spear. I’m also an authorised SCA fencer. My main armour is late 13th/early 14th C European. I am building a Hellenistic (300BC) Macedonian kit, and planning a spring steel 15th C German kit. My other interests in the SCA include: armouring, cheese making, furniture and weaving. Mundanely I’m a Chemical Engineer working at the Patent Office examining Construction and Mining patents.


Lord Farulf Bjarnarson

My name is Jacob, and in the society I am called Farulf. I like Vikings, which specifically translates to (what is now) Scandanavia around 850CE. I have been fighting for 5 years now, and prefer a centregrip shield and single sword. Outside of fighting I’m quite involved with the local university SCA club, and I like making viking-era clothing and researching their culture. Outside of the SCA I am a student and a writer.



Lord William Montrose

William is a Scot living in 15th C France and Burgundy. He fights predominantly with sword and shield (right handed). Outside of the SCA, Luke likes to drink beer


Sir Kitan von Falkenburg

My name is Rob Sampson, known in the SCA as Kitan von Falkenburg. I started in the SCA in Queensland in late 2000 and was authorised for armoured combat at Rowany Festival in 2001. I was knighted in the SCA at Festival in 2011. I fight predominantly with sword and shield, am right handed and play with a pike a bit in wars. Outside of armoured combat I focus on the 15th century and have dabbled with a number of activities including fencing and pewter casting but mainly am interested in making armour. Mundanely I am a veterinarian.




Sir Liadan ingen Fheradaig

I’m Rachel, or in the SCA its Liadan. I’ve been an authorised fighter since 2009 and was knighted in 2016. I’m right handed and fight with an oval or rectangle centregrip shield and sword in training and tourneys, and with a pike or glaive in war. I love fighting – training for it, doing it, talking about it and teaching it. I’m particularly interested in finding ways to encourage and support other female fighters. I also do fencing and combat archery occasionally. I like doing Norse, i.e. “Viking”, stuff and my fighting kit and garb reflects that (although with a focus on practicality and what I like, rather than what is super period). I like making and writing things, organising stuff, games and hanging out with my friends. In real life I’m a lawyer, working in domestic maritime regulation/policy.


Baron Aonghus Mac Greigor

My name is Nathan, and I’m known in the SCA as Aonghus. I’ve been fighting for 15 years, and ruled as the Baron of Politarchopolis from 2010 to 2013. I fight and train with a Pollaxe, but initially started out with a sword and shield and bastard sword. My interests are in Viking and general 14th-16th European.