Suppliers of Equipment

Suppliers of Equipment

The Foundations course will provide two workshops to aide students in making their own sword and shield to meet the SCA Weapon standards, and a bulk purchase of the components will be made around this time to minimise costs for the students. Furthermore, other group purchases & workshops for making your own armour are run ad-hoc for those students graduating from the course.

Please note that all equipment will need to comply with the rules set out by the Fighter’s handbook (Available from the Marshallate website). A guide to getting your own equipment is linked here. Before committing to purchasing equipment, we recommend you speak with the the senior combatants & marshals in the Barony for guidance. Note there are also a number of local people making or importing amour and other components.

Some members of the barony carry a small stock of equipment (such as rattan and basket hilts), which may be available for purchase. Please enquire at a local practice session.

There are number of merchants who sell items which may be suitable for use in SCA armoured combat. There also also a number of merchants dedicated to specifically supplying SCA gear.



Iron Monger

US Maker of good quality solid helms and excellent prices.

Aesir Metal Works

Maker of some very nice helms. Active facebook presence.

Anshelm Arms
US maker of excellent quality gear, with prices to match.


Windrose Armoury

A wide range of armour and other combat goods


Good quality, reasonably priced armour


A QLD based reseller of Mostly Indian made items.  Some of it is not appropriate for SCA combat.

Ice Falcon Armour
US maker of mainly stainless steel kit.

Medieval Fight Club

A huge range of armour, arming doublets and other stuff. Mostly Indian made and some of it not appropriate for SCA combat.

Ebonwoulfe Armoury

A range of good quality baskets hilts and other gear.

Clothing and Soft Kit

Historic Enterprises
These guys have everything. Expensive but high quality.

Mainly Medieval
Sydney based importer. Awesome range of books, castings, accessories and boots.

Make Your Own Medieval
QLD based importer with range of good quality items such as boots and accessories.\

Medieval Design
Medieval Design offers a large selection of 4th -16th century clothing, furniture and many other historical products.


Leather Work

Birdsall Leather
A large supplier of all things leather work related in Sydney. They do on-line ordering.

A large supplier of all things leather work related in Melbourne. They do on-line ordering.

Western Leathercraft
Supplier of leatherworking tools and supplies and some other accessories