Our ceremonial leaders (see Baron & Baroness and King & Queen) and many of our fighters have ‘consorts’: ceremonial partners within the SCA.

As part of our imitation of medieval chivalric practice, combatants in our tournaments often fight for the honour of a consort, and wear their ‘favour’ (a personal token, such as a piece of embroidery, a pendant, or a ribbon) while on the field. The consort will watch the tournament, offering inspiration and support, and the combatant will salute them before each bout.

Consort relationships vary widely in the SCA. For some people, it is the translation of a marriage into the SCA world. At other times, two people might be consorts for a single day, or even a single tournament. For our ceremonial leaders, who are always a pair of consorts, it is a committed working relationship, lasting over the months and years that they lead our local groups. There is no expectation that a consort relationship be romantic, permanent, or that two consorts should be of different genders. Consorts are just another way that we explore medieval culture, and honour some of the important people in our lives.