Feast of St Andronicus

Come, Celebrate with us at our Annual Event, The Feast of Saint Andronicus!

Fight in our Tournaments, or watch and cheer for those who Brave the Field! Marvel at the Valour of the Heavy Fighters and Fencers as they compete for Victory, and the Favour of The College! The clash of swords, shields, armour, and various off-hand weapons – the displays of Honour and Chivalry unmatched – come and be entertained!

Arts and Sciences Competitions:

*Period games (including kids and adults games, dice, cards, games with no equipment etc.)
*Period medicine and healing (includes everything from herbal, to ritualised healing and battle medicine)

Then, be pampered and treated at a Feast, with delicious food based on period recipes, and amazing entertainment – Singing to carry your spirits late into the night, Dancing to appease your restless legs, and Tales recounted of Heroics on the field!

23 July

The Timetable is as follows:

Event opens at 1pm
Tourney starts at 2pm
Feast from 5.30pm
Hall closes at 10pm

Ainslie Scout Hall corner of Ebden and Hassall Streets, Canberra

Adult Member – $20
Adult Non-member- $25
Child (6-16) Member- $10
Child (6-16) Non-member- $15
Newcomer -$15

Send bookings to seneschal.andronicus@gmail.com